5 Features of Generac Generators You Should Know

Posted On: December 22, 2016

Generac generators should be your first choice when you’re looking for a highly-effective power generator to install for your residential property. Generac has been producing generators since 1959 and in the years since, they’ve revolutionized power for residential and commercial applications. Their products are known for their remarkable quality and ability to meet a wide range of power needs, with an output ranging from 800 watts to 9 megawatts. Make no mistake, this is a brand of generator you’ll definitely want to consider. When you need long-lasting power for your most essential lights and appliances, you can always count on Generac generators to provide a steady flow of power and protection, even during the stormiest weather. You will be able to use your appliances to their fullest extent and experience greater convenience around the house. Of course, the last thing you want is a generator that will quit when you need it the most, and you won’t have to worry about recurrent costly repairs once you invest in Generac. They feature an automatic liquid-cooling system to prevent your generator from overheating, guaranteeing a smoother, safer flow of power for your family! Since they’ll avoid overheating, and eventual breakdowns, you’ll also save tons of money on emergency generator services. Even better, you can stay at a better peace of mind knowing your family will have reliable power source to meet any of their needs!

How Can Reliable Power Systems Help You?

Much like how Generac generators should be your first choice in home power, Reliable Power Systems should be your first choice to have it installed. Our team of local electricians can consult with you in determining what generator would be right for your home and install it as soon as possible. We will go the extra mile to ensure you have a generator keeping you happy. If you have any questions on home power, we’ll gladly help out and provide an answer that is to your satisfaction. With our help, life in your home will be made so much easier. Even when storm season hits Florida, you can stay at peace knowing you have a generator ready to keep lights on and appliances running. The winds and rain may get rough, but a Generac generator installed by Reliable Power Systems will help you endure any harsh weather without experiencing any significant power loss. And it’s not just about keeping your lights and appliances running, either. It’s also about safety, and no other brand of generator will be able to guarantee security for the entire family quite like Generac!

5 Cool Features of Generac Generators

So, what does make Generac stand tall above any other brand? Well, if you’re think about purchasing one, you may want to take note of these features:

  1. OHVI Engines: Generac generators boast OHVI engines, which are designed to last a long time and use the same lubrication as your average motor vehicle. Since they’ll allow your generator much longer without experiencing problems, you will get to worry less about making a call for emergency generator service due to a sudden system breakdown.
  2. Automatic Operation: Imagine this scenario: a storm hits and you’re soon to lose power. You may think you’ll have to go outside and start up the generator all by yourself. But, fortunately, Generac generators cut out this step entirely by offering automatic operation. It doesn’t even matter if you’re home or away. Generac generators will kick on when your home needs backup power immediately.
  3. No Need for Refeuling: Generac generators will run on your existing natural gas. Yep, that’s right: no need for those extra gas cans. You can save money on buying them or use the gas cans for other power outdoor power equipment.
  4. Power Directly to Your Home: Running an extension cord through a window or door can be hazardous, but Generac generators will thankfully prevent you from ever having to do so. Instead, they deliver power to your home’s electrical panel. This will make for safer, more consistent flow of electricity. A heavy reliance on extension cords can lead to danger, so consider this one of the many ways Generac keeps your home safe and secure.
  5. Different Lines of Product: One of the major upsides of Generac generators is their diverse line of products. These include the Guardian, Core Power, EcoGen, Centurion, Quiet Source, and more. Each type comes with their own set of benefits, so feel free to ask your local electrician at Reliable Power to determine what type would be best for your home.

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