Generac 175 KW Industrial Generator Installation in Delray

Industrial Generac Generator InstallationIf you’re a business owner considering adding a new back-up power source to your property or replacing an existing one, then take a look at these photos of a recent industrial generator installation in Delray Beach.

Generator Installation Step-by-Step

The customer wanted to replace an old diesel generator with a new, energy efficient gas generator. In the first photo, you can see the old generator’s fuel tank situated in the property’s landscaping. The generator itself was located in the basement of the property.

The first step involved preparing an indoor space to place the new Generac 175 KW industrial generator. At the location of the old generator, the existing concrete pad needed to be extended and reinforced. To do this, we constructed a wooden mold around the existing pad, enlarging it by approximately a foot on three sides. We also installed an iron framework to provide the necessary reinforcement.

Next, we poured concrete into the mold and made sure it was completely level. Once the concrete was dried, the old generator could be taken out. We removed the wooden mold from around the concrete and painted the concrete gray.

The third step involved carefully lifting the new generator into the basement and positioning it on the concrete pad. Finally, the exhaust ducts needed to be installed. You can see the final result in the last photograph.

Do You Need Generator Installation?

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware of the consequences of losing power. If it’s during business hours, you can lose data, and of course, productivity suffers because your people can’t perform their duties. If it’s after business hours, a loss of electricity compromises your security system, which leaves your business exposed to criminals.

Clearly, loss of power is a serious threat to your business. But when you have a backup generator installed, you never have to worry about losing power anymore, since the generator takes over the moment the grid powers down. In short: investing in a generator means investing in your business. Plus, it makes your property more valuable and is of course tax deductible.

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