Got a Panel from Federal Pacific? Consider Electrical Panel Replacement in Boca Raton!

Posted On: March 16, 2016

From shirts to sport cars, vintage style is in. However, the same cannot be said for your electrical panel, especially if you have a panel from Federal Pacific Electric. There are many older homes in the Boca Raton area built between the years 1950 and 1990 most likely equipped with a few outdated features. But we’re not just talking about record players or tube televisions; we’re talking about ineffective, potentially unsafe electrical fixtures. In cases like this, old school definitely isn’t cool and before the safety of your family is put at risk, you need to consider electrical panel replacement in Boca Raton!

And Reliable Electrical Services is here to provide you the service! We want to see your home thrive with the most recent electrical fixtures, and replacing an old panel from Federal Pacific Electric is just the way to do it. Our team of electricians can supply you with the most modern electrical panel to handle your home’s growing electrical demands! We work quickly and personable so you’re receiving a brand new electrical panel quickly with great customer service!

So, What’s Up with Federal Pacific Electric?

Years ago, Federal Pacific Electric was the leading supplier of electrical panels in the United States. Their brand of panels were designed to avoid serious electrical problems like circuit overloads. However, in the 1980s, tests were run on these panels only to discover they were actually a serious safety risk with a higher chance of creating breaker malfunctions and electrical fires. A court in New Jersey later ruled that Federal Pacific Electric committed fraud by selling panels that fell below standards. Though Federal Pacific Electric is no longer in business, nearly 3,000 residential fires have been reported due to breaker malfunctions.

Why Should You Consider Replacement?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission was unable to do a recall on Federal Pacific panels and many homes are still equipped with them. Here’s why you should call Reliable Electrical Services for electrical panel replacement in Boca Raton immediately:

  • Protect Your Home: Call Reliable immediately and you’ll be able to keep the whole family safe thanks to the addition of a new electrical panel. You’ll keep your home free from the threat of electrical fires and worry less about the security of your household!
  • Improve Home Value: When electricity isn’t up to date, your home’s value will suffer. Safety is a huge plus when it comes to home value, so make sure to add a new electrical panel to keep home value up and make it a positive investment.
  • Experience the Difference: With stronger electrical connections thanks your new electrical panel, you won’t have to worry facing serious electrical problems in your home. You’ll experience the difference in modern electric panel technology.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services today if you want to receive an electrical panel replacement in Boca Raton! Stop living in the past, and experience the future!