Electrician in Delray Beach Responds to No Power Call

Posted On: March 12, 2013

Reliable Electrical Services will have an electrician in Delray Beach to respond to a no power call anytime the lights go out in your home. While this is a common problem, that doesn’t make it any less annoying – and in some instances, even dangerous. If you lose power and the source of the outage is not the utility company, call us so we can examine the problem.

There are many different reasons for power loss; some are caused by faulty utility equipment or by the company itself, while others are due to some sort of malfunction within a home.

Here are some of the most common kinds of power loss and some of the things you can do before calling either the utility or an electrical contractor.

Complete Power Outage in Delray Beach

More than likely this will be something that is out of your control. This problem is typically the result of either a powerful storm or some sort of malfunction causing the electrical grid to fail.

However, if you do not have power but your neighbors do, then the problem is within your home. Check your electrical panel to see if the main breaker has tripped; it will either be at the center or top of the panel or at the electrical meter socket outside. Turn the main breaker off and then turn it back on so it can reset. You’ll need to call a contractor if this step does not restore your power.

Isolated Power Loss in Delray Beach

When a problem occurs to an individual electrical circuit, a certain area of your home will be without power while other areas function as usual. This could be the result of a circuit being overloaded because too many devices are running at the same time. It could also be caused by a defective device, such as a hair dryer or vacuum.

Many times, isolated power loss occurs after renovation work because wires in walls or ceilings have been damaged. It can also happen if a home has recently undergone a pressure wash and water seeps into electrical fixtures and boxes.

If you have this type of power loss, look for a tripped breaker first. There are times where it can be hard to tell a tripped breaker from one functioning properly, because the tripped breaker will only move slightly. Reset the breaker, and if that doesn’t work find the applicable ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and hit the “reset” button.

If that still doesn’t work, call us at Reliable Electrical Services and we will arrive at your home as quickly as possible to determine the source of your problem and fix it. This is especially important if you hear any sort of crackling or sizzling noises or you notice a burning smell. That could be a sign of an extremely dangerous problem that must be addressed immediately.