Electrical Rewiring Services in Rio Vista, FL

How old is your home’s wiring? Over time, insulation on residential wiring tends to get worn down, resulting in wasteful, problematic, and even dangerous electrical situations. If you haven’t had your home’s wiring checked in a few years, you may want to have a licensed and professional electrician perform a safety inspection.  Otherwise, you might start to experience any of the following.

5 Common Signs that You Need Rewiring Service

All of these issues are seriously dangerous and need to be addressed immediately! As soon as you discover one or more of these problems, call Reliable Electrical Services to send a dispatch over for same-day service. We’ll make your electrical wiring as good as new.

  1. Buzzing Sounds – If you notice your electrical panel making humming or buzzing sounds, call a professional. That sound is called “arcing,” and it’s a sign there’s something wrong.
  2. Discolored Outlets – When wiring is broken, it can send electricity into the plastic cover, causing it to gradually burn and turn brown.
  3. Flickering Lights – As soon as you notice that your lights are flickering, give us a call. It could mean that your wiring has reached a point where the circuit doesn’t fully connect, which is very dangerous. Don’t risk an electrical fire!
  4. Power Surges– Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers happen to everybody — our electrical appliances have been very advanced and very energy efficient, and as a result we tend to overload our electrical panel more often. However, if power-surges are a monthly occurrence, you need to have your panel checked out and possibly restored.
  5. Shocks – Have you ever touched an appliance only to feel it emit a slight shock? Shocks are a painful and obvious way to tell that you need a home wiring check, but did you also know that those appliances plugged in to faulty wiring tend to break significantly faster?

If you notice any of these signs, call Reliable Power right away! Our experts can return your home’s electrical wiring to perfect condition by replacing old, broken cords and applying the proper insulation.  We can even fully upgrade your electrical panel! We’ll talk about that service in the next blog! Call Reliable Electrical Services for your 24/7 electrical needs today.

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