Cooper City, FL Commercial Generator Sales: 48kW GE Generator with 200A Zenith ATS installed

Posted On: March 26, 2013

Many of our customers at Reliable Power Systems are businesses of all sizes. They need to have a steady stream of power at all times – otherwise they run the risk of losing a great deal of money.

Sometimes, however, what’s at stake is even more precious.

We recently installed a GE 48 kW generator for a medical facility in South Broward devoted to solving infertility problems affecting men and women. A power outage of any extended period of time would be devastating, not only to the facility itself but also to the patients who rely on its services.

However, the facility contacted Reliable Power Systems and now it is fully protected in the event of a serious storm or other problem knocking out the utility grid.

Three-Phase Generators in Cooper City, FL

GE 48 kW commercial generators protect small- to medium-sized business from power outages so they can continue to operate as normal. These are three-phase generators, the type that use large magnets that spin at a high rate of speed to create a magnetic field. This magnetic field joins with coils of wire, known as a “stator,” that surrounds the generator’s rotor. When the magnetic field influences a stator, that induces a current in the wire.

GE 48kW Commercial Generator Benefits and Features in Cooper City, FL

These generators can meet strenuous electricity demands, thanks in large part to its Vortec 1,800 RPM engine that provides reliability and durability. This engine is not only quieter and more fuel-efficient than more powerful models, but provides ample power and lasts much longer.

Its five-year limited parts and labor warranty is unsurpassed, and its weather-resistant enclosure is perfect for the powerful storms that roll through South Florida on a regular basis. In addition, this intelligent system constantly monitors your company’s connection to the utility grid. Its automatic transfer switch starts the generator automatically when a power outage is detected, and then shuts down when the grid is restored. It also has a remote monitoring system that allows you to check the status of the generator without having to go outside.

Commercial Generator Service in Cooper City, FL

When you call Reliable Power Systems for your generator installation needs, you can do so with the confidence of knowing we will get the job done quickly and efficiently, and get it done right the first time. You will be assured of worry-free, reliable performance from your generator for years to come.