How to Find the Best Generator for Your Home

Posted On: October 31, 2016

electrical stormThe best generator for your home is out there and you need to make sure you take all the right steps to install it. A generator is absolutely essential if you expect to use essential lights and appliances in your home when the power goes out. But as urgent as electrical power may be, you need to be careful what system you purchase. All too often, homeowners will throw a huge sum of money at any generator they can find, but it may prove unwise when that same generator produces more headaches than power. Without proper consideration as to what you are purchasing, you may find yourself in a situation where you wind up installing a system that isn’t right for you. It may frequently breakdown, offer poor efficiency, and cost you so much more on bills. Instead, you should put your decision into serious consideration so you are getting the system that will keep everyone in your household satisfied. Electrical power is a necessity for your home, so don’t pass up the chance in getting a generator that will be able to keep the power running 24/7.

Calling Reliable Power Systems for Help

Fortunately, Reliable Power Systems ensures that you get the generator just right for your home. Our generator installation service is quick yet helpful. Our team of experts will consult with you in assessing what type of system would be perfect for your home. They will answer any of your generator-related questions and inspect your home before installation work begins. We don’t want to see you spend money on the wrong generator either, so we are always willing to take extra steps in ensuring you are kept satisfied. Thanks to our help, you will have a modern, long-lasting generator that will provide highly-efficient power when you need it the most. You will also save money on energy bills, ensuring you stay at a peaceful state of mind this fall and beyond.

Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Generator

Before you run out and install any random generator on the market, here are some helpful tips that will ensure you are getting a generator worth every dollar:

  1. Look Out for Product Reviews and Recalls: Internet research will prove one of your greatest resources during your search, namely with any customer reviews or news on product recalls. You certainly do not want to get stuck with an unreliable generator putting your safety at risk. Overwhelmingly negative customer reviews are a good reason to stay away from a particular generator. Consumer websites are generally the most trustworthy, as they’re independent from any sort of brand.
  2. Consider the Brand of Generator: And speaking of generator brands, there are several generator brands available offering highly-efficient products. One of the most popular are Generac generators due to their remarkable efficiency and relatively low cost. Other brands like Kohler, GE, and Briggs & Stratton have been in the generator business for decades, and with good reason. They continue to produce high-quality products that homeowners keep relying on.
  3. Chose the Right Fueling: The two main types of generator fuel are natural gas and propane. Natural gas is more commonly used for standby generators and the easiest to use for homeowners who already have a gas line in their home. However, if you choose to install a portable generator instead, you will have to rely on 20lb propane tanks.
  4. Find the Right Warranty: The right generator warranty will cover the costs of labor and production. You also need a great warranty to go alongside it that has your back covered. Before any installation work begins, speak with your local electrician on the types of warranties they offer, which can vary in coverage depending on the manufacturer.
  5. Determine the Cost of the Generator: Some homeowners will make the mistake of going for the most cost-efficient generator possible under the belief they will save money and still have high-quality power. This may prove costly, as cost-efficiency does not guarantee quality generator performance. With some generators today averaging a cost of $10,000, you may want to throw a few hundred dollars more on a new system so you have a steadier flow of electrical power. One of the most cost-efficient yet high-performing brands of generator on the market is Generac, which can start at a cost of $1,899.
  6. Generator Size: When we mention “size” with generators, we’re not exactly referring to physical space, although it is certainly important to have an electrician inspect your home to determine what type of generator will fit. Size will also refer to the amount of kilowatts. Most standby generators on the market today can handle up to 25 kilowatts, which will be a suitable capacity for your home’s electrical needs.

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