Ask a Coral Gables Electrician: How Do I Use My Generator Safely?

Generator installation in Coral Gables

Always Use Generators in an Open, Well-Ventilated Environment

Learning about generator safety may seem unnecessary, but as a homeowner it’s important you know the dos and don’ts when dealing with your backup power system.

Reliable Power Systems recently installed a 48kw QuietSource generator in Coral Gables and because of the local flood zoning, we had to form and pour a tall reinforced concrete pad. The reason for the concrete pad is to keep it safe in case of flooding from serious storms like a hurricane.

Generator service in Coral Gables

But protecting your generator from a flood – and thus preventing you and your family members from electrocution – is not the only way you can use your system safely.

Generator Safety

  1. Keep children away from your generator
  2. Always have a fully charged, properly rated fire extinguisher ready just in case of an emergency.
  3. Don’t try to install or repair a generator yourself! Have a licensed electrician help you.
  4. Never connect the generator to your utility service through outlets, breakers, fuses, or meter boxes.
  5. Store gasoline in approved fuel containers.
  6. Keep that gasoline away from children.
  7. Never put fuel back into the generator while it’s running. Shut it off before refueling.
  8. Never, ever use a generator indoors or in an enclosed area! Doing so could put you or others at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Only operate the unit in an outdoor, well-ventilated area.

Generators are a vital part to keeping you and your family safe in the event of a power outage, so you need to be just as safe when using it. Call Reliable Power Systems today for any generator repair or installation needs you have!

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