500 Gallon LP Tank and 20kw Generac Installation in Boca Raton, FL

propane tank installation

20kw Generac Generator Great for Backing Up Multiple Systems in Your Home

This customer installed a 500 Gallon LP Tank and a 20kw Generac generator. Propane tanks are an excellent fuel source and can provide reasonably priced fuel for your home or business. A 20kw generator is also a good appliance to have in your home.

Generators can run on multiple types of fuel sources and turn mechanical energy into electrical. Generacs are very efficient generators that work quietly and with minimum emissions into the atmosphere.

propane tank and generator installation

Features of a 20kw Generac Generator

  1. It can back up multiple air conditioners in your house.
  2. It has an all weather durability with a sturdy aluminum enclosure for superior corrosion-resistant protection. If you live in Florida, you are probably living in a coastal, salt-air climate, which these are made for!
  3. Generac’s OHVI Engine allows it to run dependably for long periods of time – which is what you need in case of an emergency.
  4. It comes with an Evolution controller, allowing for easy monitoring and management of generator functions. The controller also has a built-in hour meter, and external indicator lights.
  5. With a pre-wired transfer switch, a 20kw Generac generator installation is easy!
  6. Easy switching between natural gas and LP fuels in the field.
  7. If you live in an area with low natural gas pressure, this model is suggested.
  8. Don’t want to have to go outside to check on the function of your generator? Don’t have to! With Mobile Link Compatible, you can use a wireless remote to monitor your system.

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