5 Signs You Need Electrical Repair in Delray Beach, FL

Posted On: April 1, 2015

There can be all sorts of reasons homeowners and business owners need electric repair in Delray Beach. However, it’s important to keep the following in mind: no matter how experienced you are at DIY projects, when it comes to electric, you’re best advised to leave it to the professionals. As an untrained person, you might not only perform work that violates local electrical codes — you could also quite easily make a mistake that could wind up being a fire hazard. Over 40,000 electrical fires occur in the U.S. every year, resulting in thousands of injuries. Don’t take the risk!

So it should be clear that hiring a professional electrician can both ensure you’re compliant with all local regulations and help keep your home or business safe.

When Is It Time for Professional Electrical Repairs

How do you know when it’s time to call in an electrical services professional? Some of the most common electric issues include the following:

  • FPE Fuse Box: If your electrical panel was installed by the Federal Pacific Company, you should be aware that it may be a safety risk. Many of these products were recalled in the 90s as they were found to be poorly designed. Plus, if you still have a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker panel, you should consider upgrade anyway!
  • Code Violations: Full system inspections to ensure all wiring and components function properly and comply with all local electric codes. If your home was built before 1989, its construction may not be built to current codes.
  • Aluminum Wiring: Electric wiring can be damaged by all sorts of things, from damage to the structure of a building to the improper installation of components.
  • Power Surges: Whole-home surge protection can defend your home from expensive and often dangerous electrical damage. Remember, the vast majority of power surges come from inside of the home. If you notice your lights flicking or your appliances taking a long time to turn on when you’re using several electrical outlets at once, look into surge protection today!
  • Broken Switches or Outlets: Cracked, discolored, or otherwise broken switches and outlets can cause electric shock. A professional can upgrade an old, dangerous 2-pronged outlet to a GFCI for extra protection

In addition, older buildings often have outdated electrical systems with fuses that blow frequently and breakers that trip. This is because they weren’t designed to handle the capacity our modern lifestyles require. Just think about all of the household appliances you use, as well as the entertainment and communications devices.

If your property’s electrical system is showing signs of strain, then it’s probably time to think about upgrading it to a more robust one that’s better equipped to handle your power needs.

Finding the Right Electrical Company

Before hiring an electrician, you need to make sure he’s fully qualified and properly licensed. In addition, it’s advisable to ask about warrantees on labor and parts so you can be sure the work will be done to an acceptable standard.

Of course, if you’re in need of electric repair in Delray Beach, you can just call Reliable Electrical Services. With 30 years of experience serving residential and commercial customers, we have the expertise and skill you need to keep your electrical system in good working order. So don’t wait: call Reliable Electrical Services today!