3 Types of Landscape Lighting Upgrades in Delray Beach to Consider This Year

Posted On: February 15, 2016

landscape lighting installationMost people don’t think about the lighting outside their home after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, landscape lighting is something Delray Beach homeowners should be considering all year long.

Landscape lighting can help Delray Beach residents increase their home’s curb appeal, functionality and safety as well as real estate value.

Whether your landscape lighting consists of a single porch light or a multi-fixture configuration, these three upgrades could help you bring out the best in your Delray Beach home.

1. Transformer

Your Delray Beach home may already have a multi-fixture landscape lighting configuration. However, if it’s over five years old, now is a good time to give it a look over. What kind of transformer do you have? Is it stainless steel or plastic? Plastic transformers are not as rugged and do not last as long as their stainless still counterparts. What condition are they in? Are their any corroded wires or loose connections?

What voltage rating does your Delray Beach home’s transformer have? Modern models typically have between 12-14 volt capacities. Transformers take the standard 120-volt current coming from your home and step it down to a lower level making it safer to use for landscape lighting. They also make it more cost effective to have outdoor lighting.


From dishwashers to thermostats it seems everything in our Delray Beach homes utilize smart and wifi technology. Why should your landscape lighting be any different? Imagine the convenience of setting your porch, spot and walkway lighting to turn on automatically at dusk or the ease of turning all the landscaping lights off simultaneously from the comfort of your bed. Wireless control allows you to illuminate your party wherever it goes. Meals that start the patio seamlessly transition to drinks and laughs around the fire pit.

3. LED

Who would have thought that changing a light bulb could be a major upgrade? If you’re swapping out your landscape lighting’s old halogen bulbs for LED bulbs it really can be. Even within the last five years LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, have become more efficient and better looking than when they initially hit the market. They also last longer and run cooler than halogen bulbs. LEDs’ longer lifespan and higher efficiency mean you won’t have to go through the trouble of replacing them as often and their reduced energy use will help lower your electricity bill.

However, there are times when a traditional halogen light is called for because while LEDs are getting better by the day, they still have a ways to go in regards to their intensity levels. If you’re not sure which lights up upgrade or which transformers to purchase having a landscape lighting expert come to your home in Delray Beach makes sense. Thankfully, deciding whom to hire is a much clearer choice. Call Reliable Electrical Services today; we’re your local and licensed, landscape lighting professionals.