3 Tips for Ensuring a Quiet Generator in Boca Raton, FL

Posted On: August 17, 2016

quiet generatorA generator is an essential part of your home, especially when you need emergency backup power for lights and appliances. But make no mistake, it can be noisy. If you currently own a generator that won’t stop screaming and hollering, it may seem impossible to get it to finally shut up. Pretty soon, your neighbors start complaining and every time you lose power is means for blocking your ears. Are you fated to live with an effective yet disruptive generator forever? Is a quiet generator in Boca Raton, FL just a product of fantasy?

Well, fortunately, not quite. There’s still hope for a little peace and quiet, and the team at Reliable Power Systems are here to show you how you can guarantee a quiet generator in Boca Raton, FL. As far as we’re concerned, a generator shouldn’t only supply power to your lights and appliances, but also keep you comfortable. When it’s making all sorts of loud noises, it’s not exactly doing that, and we’ll help you take steps necessary to keep noise levels down to a comforting level that won’t leave you reaching for headphones.

How Can You Ensure a Quiet Generator in Boca Raton, FL?

The next time you’re dealing with a loud generator, you should consider taking the following actions:

  1. Keep Generators a Safe Distance from Your Home: Location can prove to be a huge factor in the performance of your generator, including noise levels. Standby generators should be installed at least 15 feet away from your home, but some homeowners won’t follow suit. The generator may be a little too close to your home to the point where it feels like it’s singing directly in your ear. Remember: the closer your generator is to your home, the louder it will sound.
  2. Research before You Purchase: When you’re in need of a generator, your first instinct may be to purchase the nearest generator you can find. But it’s better to get a closer look into what you’re purchasing to make sure you’re installing a generator that is known for quiet operation so you don’t have to deal with the headaches later. If we have any say, we recommend Generac generators for the quietest yet most effective operation.
  3. Consider Building a Sound Deflector: Some homeowners find success in blocking generator noise by building a sound deflector. This doesn’t need to be too high-tech or require you to spend money on supplies. If your generator is located too close to your home, an enclosure made of stone or wood will prove effective enough in muting the noise somewhat.

Contact Reliable Power Systems today if you want to learn more om how you can guarantee a quiet generator in Boca Raton so you’re receiving power without any of the additional noise!