3 Electrical Myths Debunked by Our Boynton Beach Electrician

Posted On: January 18, 2016

Myths can withstand the test of time. Those tales of Big Foot roaming the forest and the Loch Ness Monster in the ocean are old as time, yet people continue to keep them alive, no matter how untrue they may be. But if there are any myths people absolutely shouldn’t be passing off as truth, it’s the ones about electricity. Unlike the tales of monsters you read about in books, believing electrical myths as truthful can actually put your individual safety at risk. All too often, we see homeowners misguided by flawed yet long-held beliefs about their electrical system, and it often leads to hazardous consequences.

At Reliable Electrical Services, we have a Boynton Beach electrician who is here to proudly serve as mythbuster to any tall tales about your home’s electricity. We have an invested interest in making sure your home is safe and secure. If you want the truth about any electrical problems, our team of electricians will gladly help you out and can answer any of your burning questions!

What Myths Need to be Broken?

Myths are often spread for fun and giggles, but it’s not so much fun when misguided beliefs about a home’s electrical features put the well-being of its occupants on the line. Here are 3 myths our Boynton Beach electrician is ready to debunk:

  • Extension Cords are Safe: While it’s widely known that extension cords come with different electrical ratings and capacities, many homeowners generally tend to think of all extension cords being at the same level. This will cause homeowners to overwhelm extension cords that can’t realistically handle certain appliances, leading to overheating and an increased risk of fires. Instead, it’s important to acknowledge the differences between extension cords, so you can plug them into the right appliances accordingly.
  • Fuses and Circuit Breakers Protect Circuits: Many people believe fuses and circuit breakers exist to protect circuits, when this couldn’t be any further from the truth. They instead protect the wiring and electrical circuit, not the circuit itself and appliances they’re connected to. Even some electrician mistake the role of fuses and circuit breakers, which can be incredibly dangerous as high currents can lead to insulation and appliance damage. Instead, first focus on making sure you have the correct sized wiring in your home before fuses and circuits breakers.
  • Aluminum Wiring is Safe: Many homes in the ‘60s and ‘70s were equipped with aluminum wiring. Copper wiring witnessed a spike in cost around this time. Since aluminum wiring is more cost-efficient, it was seen as better wiring. However, this only lead to an increased percentage of house fires, making copper the ideal for electrical wiring again. If your home is still equipped with aluminum wiring, call a Boynton Beach electrician to replace it.

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