Whole-Home Generator Installation in Parkland, FL – Whole-Home Generac QuietSource

Posted On: November 20, 2014

generator maintenance in South FloridaOur technicians recently installed a fantastic generator product for Parkland Golf and Country Club in Parkland, Florida, and we want to tell you about it! It’s called the 27kw Generac Quietsource Whole-Home Generator — it’s immensely powerful, very advanced, and most of all, at the very top of industry efficiency standards. Of course, the generator we installed was for commercial purposes, but Generac’s Quietsource series includes all sizes ranging from 6kw to 150kw. Anyone can have this reliable automatic back-up power at any time.

What makes the Quiet Source 27kw generator the right choice for these customers? Our experts are always looking for exact fits on our generator installation jobs so that your code-compliant device delivers affordable and consistent back-up power. Not just anyone can do a generator consultation that way! We recommend the Quietsource for the following reasons:

Benefits of a QuietSource kw Generator Installation

  • Easy-to-Adjust Settings- With Generac’s Nexus Controller system, all of the settings for your generator are displayed on a tri-lingual LCD screen for simple management of your generator’s functions.
  • Smaller Footprint– Shrink your home or business’s carbon footprint with a more energy efficient system! You get your choice of LP or natural gas, both of which are clean burning and continuous fuel-sources for optimal (and environmental) powering.
  • Total Protection from the Elements– The sheer aluminum casing provides complete resistance of wear and tear —plus, the neutral color and styling help it to blend in to the environment without being an eyesore or interfering with your landscaping design.
  • Peace and Quiet– The Generac Quietsource series lives up to its name. With its patented Quiet-Test mode, this generator is able to self-test itself weekly without disturbing the tranquility of your home or annoying your business’s clients.

The featured image this week is the 27kw Generac Quietsource Whole-Home Generator we installed in Parkland Golf and Country Club in Parkland, Florida. The owners and guests alike now can enjoy complete assurance that their power will stay on — no matter the weather! And always in a quiet, energy-efficient manner that makes Generac the industry-leading manufacturer.

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