27kw Generac QuietSource Generator Installation in Boynton Beach

Posted On: June 4, 2012

Generac QuietSource GeneratorAre you looking for a reliable, quiet and powerful generator to power your Boynton Beach home in the event of a power outage? If so, you should consider the 27kw Generac QuietSource Generator. This generator is so reliable that the owner of our company uses the very same model to power his home in a power outage. We recently installed the 27kw Generac QuietSource Generator in a Boynton Beach home. The generator was installed right next to the air conditioner and is secured permanently to a generator rated concrete pad.

Benefits of a 27KW Generac QuietSource Generator in Boynton Beach

One of the most attractive benefits of the 27kw Generac QuietSource Generator is its QuietSource technology. The generator runs at a quiet 1800rpm, producing little disturbance to you and your neighbors. This generator is also a liquid cooled model and is equipped with a 4-cylinder motor and radiator. This model also consumes less fuel than its air cooled counterpart and has a longer life. The Nexus Controller has an LCD display that allows you to monitor the generators functions at a quick glance. This display is extremely helpful if a problem arises and you are unsure of the issue. The aluminum enclosure offers your generator the protection it needs from the harmful elements of Florida weather. Its clean burning fuel source is more ecofriendly than diesel or portable generators.

Recent Power Outages in Boynton Beach

5,000 Florida Power and Light customers were left without power recently after a power plant failure. Thunderstorms also caused 3,300 residents to spend several hours without power. No one wants to be caught off guard by a sudden power loss. Just a simple few hours of no power can ruin your day not to mention cost you hundreds in the replacement of food in your fridge or freezer which are deemed unsafe by the U.S. Drug and Food Administration after just four hours without power.

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