Electrical Car Charging Station Installation in Palm Beach County & Broward County, FL

EV Charging Station Installation in Palm Beach & Broward Counties, FLReliable Electrical Services is a Tesla-certified installer of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE). Whenever you’re ready to install a new car charging station at your Palm Beach or Broward County home, you can count on our expert electricians for reliable, exceptional service!

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Residential EV Charging Station Installation

Electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations let you charge your car at home, offering convenience that can save you a lot of time and hassle whenever your car is running low on power. In fact, with a home EV charging station, you won’t have to search for the nearest public charging station or wait in lines to charge your vehicle—it can charge while you’re at home and be ready to go whenever you are.

The electricians at Reliable Electrical Services have the experience, tools, and training to install a state-of-the-art EV charging station in your Palm Beach or Broward County home. We can help you choose the best option to fit your needs, based on factors like:

  • Amperage use
  • Portability
  • Station location
  • Cost and budget

To schedule installation services for any type of electric car charging station, contact Reliable Electrical Services today.

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What Is the Difference Between Level 1 & Level 2 EVSE?

While there are many different brands of EV charging stations on the market, EVSE is generally categorized into one of two different levels:

  • Level 1 EVSE lets you just plug your vehicle into a standard 120 volt (V) socket, similar to how you would charge a power tool or power your other home appliances. Level 1 equipment can get the job done, but charging on these stations can take—like at least 12 hours to sufficiently charge electric vehicles.
  • Level 2 EVSE refers to chargers using a 240V dedicated circuit. These chargers are usually installed in garages, though they can be installed virtually anywhere. Level 2 equipment is substantially more powerful, often charging vehicles in about 4 hours.

At Reliable Electrical Services, we offer level 2 EVSE that can keep up with your vehicle’s charging needs, whether or not you use an electric vehicle as your primary mode of transportation.

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Reliable Electrical Services provides power and solutions when you need them most. Our team is dedicated to providing a superior customer experience from start to finish by offering quality workmanship, excellent service, and top-notch products. If you’re looking for a reliable EV charging station installer in or around Broward or Palm Beach County, FL, we’re the local experts you can trust!

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