New 20kw Kohler Generator Installation in Wellington, FL

Kohler Generator Installation in Wellington, FL

Kohler’s new power management system will never fail

We recently installed a 20kW Kohler generator, also known as the 20RES, in an area home. We also put in a 200-amp RRT automatic transfer switch as well as a new load control module, or LCM.

The LCM is Kohler’s new power management system. If the generator determines that it is being overloaded, it will shed the load of non-essential appliances. Because of this feature, the generator will never fail because the main breaker on the generator cannot be tripped.

Kohler’s 20RES model comes with a five-year limited warranty and takes only ten seconds to engage when it determines that the utility grid has failed. While the 20RES will power most average-size homes, the manufacturer offers generators as large as 125kW that can supply electricity to much larger houses.

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