Reliable Power Discusses Generator Maintenance Tips

Posted On: January 23, 2017

generator maintenance in South FloridaReliable Power is proud to provide generator installation, as well as generator maintenance and repair services. Call today for more information!

Congratulations! Thanks to our installation service, you are now the proud owner of a sparkly new generator. This is a time for celebration! Well, maybe not right this second, but next time your power goes out, you can put away the candles, pop open the Champaign and have a romantic, well-lit dinner with your new generator. Owning a generator isn’t just fun and games, though. If you don’t keep up with proper maintenance, you could be left in the dark next time a storm hits. Avoiding a proper, professional maintenance service means your generator could be experiencing problems without your knowledge! Generators are for emergency services, so the worst time to find out your generator has an issue is when you need it the most.

Why Call Reliable Power for Generator Maintenance Services?

The professionals here at Reliable Power are experts when it comes to generator installation, maintenance, as well as repairs. We take pride in the products we provide to your home, and want to help you get the most out of your home’s generator. A call to reliable power for generator maintenance gives you peace of mind knowing your generator is prepared if there was to ever be an emergency. Our specialists will conduct a visual inspection, including mechanical and electrical systems, conduct an oil and filter change per manufactures recommendations, test the functionality of the generator, as well as transfer switches by simulating a power outage, and will conduct any necessary repairs to ensure you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

What a Homeowner Can Do for Their Generators

We know you love your new generator. Your generator will love you too, as long as you follow these tips to keep up with its maintenance needs.

  • Consider installing your generator outside. We know you loathe the thought of that beautiful new generator getting rained on, but a residential generator should be installed at least 20 feet from your home. Installing a generator indoors is unfortunately, very unsafe. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?
  • Continuing on the note of a healthy amount of space in your relationship with your generator, be sure to include 3 feet worth of clearance on all sides of your new appliance. Generators emit a lot of heat, as well as exhaust gasses. These can cause serious burns, or worse, ignite combustible objects! Avoid injury and damage to other objects by allowing your generator to have its own personal space. In addition, be sure to allow your generator at least 30 minutes to cool down after use.
  • Your generator is supposed to help you in the case of an emergency, not cause an emergency. Unfortunately, your generator burns fuel, which means it will emit Co2 gasses. Because your generator is outside, and 20 feet from your home, you are likely safe, however, a brand new smoke and Co2 detector should go hand and hand with a new generator, just in case there’s ever a problem.
  • Sparks may be flying at the thought of the ability to use your computer the next time the power goes out, but be sure your generator isn’t causing a fire hazard! If your generator needs fuel, be sure to store it in a non-glass safety container. Be sure to also avoid storing fuel near other fuel burning appliances such as a natural gas water heater in your garage.
  • Beware worn or frayed extension cords! Your generator needs energy to operate. Worn or frayed extension cords may cause your generator to break down, as well as pose a safety hazard for you and your family. Add some extension cords to the list of presents to gift your new generator.
  • This may be a given, but for the love of reliable power, please do not mess with your generator in wet conditions. If it is pouring rain and your hands are wet, do not operate your generator, do not conduct work on your generator, and do not stand next to your generator so you can hold an umbrella over it. These things can wait. Generators utilize electricity. Doing any of the previously mentioned no-no’s may result in electrical shock to you, or damage to your lovely generator.

Now that you’ve taken all of the recommended steps to ensure your generator is well-maintained, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the storm out your window. Just kidding! Go ahead and turn on Netflix and start binging that show you can’t get enough of. Thanks to your generator, you have power! Go ahead and use it!

Don’t get caught in the dark next time there’s a storm! Call Reliable Power today and ask about our generator maintenance services!

Do You Want to Watch Netflix Next Time There’s a Storm? We Sure Do! Call Reliable Power Today and Ask About Our Generator Maintenance Tips!