Bi-Fuel Industrial Generator Installation in Boca Raton

What is a bi-fuel industrial generator, and why should you consider installing one for your business? The benefits of bi-fuel industrial generator installation is the topic that the experts at Reliable Power Systems want to discuss with you in this blog.

As you probably guessed, bi-fuel powering just means that two different fuel types are in use to power the generator’s engine at once. In a Generac bi-fuel industrial generator, the two fuels are natural gas and diesel oil. How does this effect the productivity of the machine? Similar to a hybrid car, having two fuels at work in your industrial generator gives you a certain degree of control, flexibility, and efficiency that is not possible when only one of the fuels is powering the device. The result is improved standby power for your business all through the year!

Bi-fuel industrial generator standby power is basically the compromise of fuel sources. It has all of the power of diesel fuel with the efficiency and affordability of natural gas. Generac offers bi-fuel generator products up to 600kw in strength. Several units can be connected for larger power systems — Reliable Power Systems is proud to offer this system.

So why should you consider bi-fuel back-up power for your business?

The Benefits of Bi-Fuel Generators

  1. Lower Costs of Installation/Ownership — General bi-fuel industrial generators are generally less expensive to install since the size of the natural gas pipeline doesn’t need to be widened. In addition, they typically require lower degrees of maintenance.
  2. Redundancy — Having two separate power sources gives the bi-fuel industrial generator an advantage: it can be more reliable than diesel fuel, since even if the oil is used up, the machine can continue to operate without requiring a tank refill.
  3. Extended Run-Times— Bi-fuel generators can run longer than both natural gas and diesel fuel generators simply because of the nature of its engine. Turnover is much easier when you have an available on-site supply of diesel fuel and a connection to the gas line.

You heard about natural gas industrial generator installation in the last blog, and now you’ve seen the justification for bi-fuel industrial generator installation in this one. Stay tuned to hear about diesel powered industrial generators, and call Reliable Power Systems to get expert standby power installation for your home.

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