Wiring Repair in Pheasant Walk of Boca Raton

Posted On: March 28, 2014

Damaged Wire Can Cause Electrical Fires: Get Yours Repaired Quickly

The Reliable Electrical team recently went on a job in Pheasant Walk, where we installed beautiful sconce lighting along with Lutron Maestro dimmers. While we were there, the homeowners also requested that we take a look at some of the wiring in their attic, as they suspected it may need repairs. They were right!

It’s possible for attic wiring to get damaged due to squirrels that hold of it. They can chew on the wires, causing them to break and need repair. But that’s not the only cause. Wiring, whether it’s in the attic or elsewhere in your home, can wear out over time, could have been improperly installed, or may just be in need of some serious upgrading.

No matter your reason for needing wires repaired trust that Reliable Electrical can handle it!

Reliable Electrical’s Wire Repair Services

The moment you realize you have damaged electrical wires, it’s imperative that you call in a professional. Leaving electrical wires in a state of disarray can cause an electrical fire and surely you don’t want your family to be at risk.

Not sure if the problem you are experiencing is something we can take care of? Here’s a list of our wiring repair and rewiring services:

  • Pool and hot tub wiring: Whether you are putting one in for the first time, or need to repair the wiring that’s currently in place, Reliable Electrical can help. Just as a note: This job is something best left to the pros. You don’t want to improperly install something that will lead to serious problems down the line.
  • Computer or entertainment system wiring: Looking to set up a new network infrastructure? Or want to upgrade your existing network? Look no further. We can pre-wire or post-wire residential phone systems, DSS satellite installations, and other custom wiring needs you may have.
  • 100/200 AMP service: If you want to update your home to include some additional rooms or luxurious features – like a spa or home office – then you’ll probably need to upgrade your amperage. Sometimes, though, you may just have an outdated system that needs upgrading in order to ensure safety. You don’t want an old breaker causing electrical fires or arcing in your home.

Don’t overlook your electrical system. House fires are caused too often by electrical mishaps, and we’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Call Reliable Electrical Services today for your wire repair or rewiring needs!