Which Generators Are The Quietest?

We’re often asked which whole-house generators are the quietest. All three of the generator brands we offer at Reliable Power Systems — Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler — are known for being quiet, powerful, and reliable. Which one you invest in depends a lot on personal preference and must-have features.

Is There a Best Quiet Generator?

When you’re looking for a super quiet generator as your home’s backup power supply, there are plenty of models and brands out there to choose from. While you can expect every generator to make noise, some are definitely quieter than others. The main thing to remember is that the bigger the generator, the more noise it will produce. So, if you want to keep the noise level down, it’s crucial to choose the right size generator for your needs.

Before making a purchase, think about what you want a generator to do. Do you want to get close to the same power you usually have? Or do you want to run only certain appliances like the refrigerator, washer, dryer, and water heater? Many homeowners also want their whole-house generator to power the lights, televisions, electronics, chargers, and more.

Here’s a rundown on three of the top whole-home generators on the market today, all of which run at noise levels that won’t cause disruption.


With an operational noise level of just 58 dBA, the extremely popular Generac Guardian series of generators has the quietest models. Generac Guardian generators are not only operationally subdued, but they’re also incredibly reliable.


Slightly louder at 63 dBA, Kohler whole-home generators still have a huge number of factors in their favor. It has a fast 10-second response time, and its corrosion-proof construction protects the motor and electronics against all weather conditions.

Briggs & Stratton

A whole-house generator from Briggs & Stratton easily powers all your home’s electrical needs while keeping your family safe and comfortable. The Guardian line produces about 66 dBA when heard from 23 feet away, and the scheduled weekly test mode runs at a low RPM for less disturbance.

How to Increase a Generator’s Quiet Factor

Many variables come into play when it comes to sound, and a generator’s surroundings can greatly impact how loud it is. For instance, if the equipment’s housed in or on concrete, the sound it produces will travel farther than from a generator that’s set among landscaping.

A generator also creates different sound levels when it performs its weekly test and when it’s running under full capacity, so you may need to decide which of these noise levels you care about more. Lastly, noise is a subjective topic. A noise level one person finds unbearable may be entirely acceptable to another. In other words, a “quiet” generator does not mean the same thing to everyone.

If you want to reduce a generator’s noise even further, here are some tips other homeowners have found useful.

  • Move the generator further away from your home.
  • Face exhaust pipes up or away from you.
  • Install the generator on a soft surface.
  • Use sound deflectors.
  • Build an acoustic enclosure or muffle box.
  • Replace the muffler.
  • Use water as a muffler.

A completely silent generator has yet to be invented, but these brands all operate at a level similar to an air conditioner condenser, with some even quieter. If less generator noise is important to you, talk to one of the professionals at Reliable Power Systems today. We offer generator sales, installation, repair, and maintenance services you can count on.

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