Industrial Generator Sales and Installation in Palm Beach, Broward & Martin Counties

Industrial Generator Services

When your area’s electrical grid goes down, what happens to your business? A business day without power means losing that entire day’s revenue — frequently to a competitor who is able to stay up and running after a major storm. If your commercial building has residents, i.e. an apartment or an assisted living facility, those residents are going to be frustrated and even endangered by the lack of utilities and security in the indefinite period of time a black-out can take up. To make sure that you don’t lose a single day, or even a week of business during the South Florida storm season, you need a generator that is reliable, energy-efficient, affordable, and automatic.

That’s where we come in. Reliable Power Systems is one of the only generator contractors in South Florida with the licensing required to perform all of your industrial generator needs. We’re certified to sell, install, repair, and replace industrial generators for commercial buildings because Generac, the leading brand of generator products in the entire nation, trusts us to do the work safely, efficiently, and reliably. We take great pride in our reputation, and we take your satisfaction even more seriously. If you own a commercial building in need of a generator or a generator upgrade, call Reliable Power Systems today!

Industrial Generator Sales

Here at Reliable Power Systems, our technicians want to help you find the generator that is a perfect fit for your needs. If you call today, one of our experts will give you a consultation and a FREE estimate, so you know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re getting. We sell only the top-of-the-line generators from the most trusted major brands in America.

We sell products with all three fuel-sources: diesel powered, natural gas powered, and bi-fuel powered.

Diesel Powered Industrial Generator Model


Natural Gas Powered Industrial Generator


Bi-Fuel Industrial Generator Model

Remember, we’re one of the only contractors in this area that’s qualified to recommend and sell generators of this size and power. Give us a call today to speak with an industrial generator technician who can point you toward the right model for your situation.

Industrial Generator Installation

Generators are extremely complicated machines, and as such you’ll need someone who is specifically qualified for installing them in order to make absolutely certain it will work. There are a number of restrictions on who can install your industrial generator and how they can do it — that’s why it’s so rare that a company of our relatively small size would have complete registration for all industrial generator services! Having an expert who is familiar with all of the legislation and requirements for your particular area before you begin is absolutely critical. Reliable Power Systems has been servicing the South Florida region for over a decade, and our team has all of the know-how and experience you need for your installation to be a success.

When you choose Reliable Power Systems, you get:

  • Complete Code Compliance
  • Fully Licensed Technicians Who Can Perform All Servicing
  • Expert Consultation
  • Proper Connection to Most Efficient Fuel-Source
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • A Reliable Generator and the Peace of Mind that Comes With It

So if you need an industrial generator installed at your commercial building of any size, give Reliable Power Systems a call today for the best service around!

Industrial Generator Repair & Replacement

If you have Reliable Power Systems install your industrial generator, we can guarantee that your product will be done right and with a comprehensive warranty. If you had a different company do the installation, it might be possible that your generator:

  • Is not up to code
  • Is not properly connected to the fuel source
  • Does not automatically turn on in the case of an outage
  • Poses a safety threat to your home (particularly carbon monoxide)
  • Makes too much noise or just doesn’t work

Never fear! Reliable Power Systems offers comprehensive repair programs so we can have your generator fixed in no time. We do trouble-shooting, part replacement, complete checks/tests, and even wireless remote monitoring so you’ll be covered 24/7! Is your industrial generator not providing the consistency and convenience you had hoped? Then give Reliable Power Systems today for all of your commercial generator repair needs!

In the case that your generator no longer functions properly or you would like to upgrade to a more efficient model or fuel source, we also provide generator replacements. Visit our blog to learn more about our recent work in the area and all of our replacement services!

For all of your industrial generator service needs, give Reliable Power Systems a call today!