Generac Generator Maintenance in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

When outages hit in your area, having a backup generator ready to kick on is key; however, it can be easy to neglect the care of your generator. Generators, just like any other appliance, should be taken care of properly — this includes scheduling regular maintenance.

Florida is known for harsh tropical storms and hurricanes. In order to ensure the best performance possible, Generac generators should receive maintenance well before hurricane season hits to guarantee they will have your back should storms cut your power.

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Generac Generator

When you schedule maintenance with us regularly, you can expect these exceptional benefits:

  • Your generator is far less likely to fail in the middle of an outage.
  • Your generator will be working at its peak performance.
  • You’ll inevitably save money by avoiding expensive repairs.
  • The life span of your generator will be extended.

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Tips For Troubleshooting Your Backup Generator

While Generac generators are designed to withstand the forces, they are still not fully immune to the impact the elements can have on them over time. Before scheduling a maintenance service with us, there are some troubleshooting tips you can perform on your own:

  • Reset tripped breakers: Oftentimes, resetting is all it takes. If you notice its button is protruding, push it back into place.
  • Check to see if it’s level: Sometimes, generators will auto-shut-off if they are not even. Use a level to determine if it’s lying flat; if not, simply utilizing wooden planks to even it out should do the trick.
  • Correct the fuel valve: Make sure the fuel valve is switched to “on” if you notice that your generator is performing shoddily.
  • Inspect the high-temperature light: If the light is on, it means that your generator is overheating. To correct this, turn off your unit and refill it with approved motor oil.

Call 561-757-4405 today if your self-troubleshooting does not prove effective.

Generator Maintenance Agreements

Customers who purchase equipment from us will attain a free year of basic maintenance service, and it’s heavily encouraged that you renew the maintenance plan to ensure your unit is always protected. Even if you’ve purchased a generator by another dealer, our team can still provide the services you need. Some of the wonderful benefits of our maintenance agreement are as follows:

  • An inspection of all parts, both mechanical and electrical
  • Oil and filter changes
  • 5% off additional generator work that’s not covered by a warranty
  • 24-hour or less emergency response time
  • Tests run on your generator by simulating a power outage

Reliable Power Service: A Leading Choice for Generac Generator Maintenance in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Reliable Power Services has worked tirelessly to hone our skills in order to deliver the absolute best services to our community. Since 2002, our full-service and family-owned company has aided residents in securing a fine-tuned Generac generator that will take care of them and their homes when outages occur. With us, you can always anticipate 100% satisfaction and astounding customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Generator Maintenance

When Should Generators Be Serviced?

To keep your Generac generator operating at peak performance, maintenance should be scheduled twice a year. The team at Reliable Power Services will aid you in developing a maintenance place that’s right for your specific model.

How Long Should Generac Generators Run?

If your generator runs on natural gas or propane and the supply is unlimited, it should be able to operate without ceasing. Generac generators running on a 500-gallon tank should be able to run for over a week without any breaks. If this isn’t the case for you, your generator needs to be checked out by an expert.


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