Gas Line Installation for In-Ground Tanks in South Florida

Gas Cylinder

In-ground gas tanks have special design features that make them durable enough to withstand the corrosive forces of soil. They share a lot in common with their aboveground counterparts in that they have the same fittings, such as a service valve, safety relief valve, float gauge, liquid withdrawal valve, and much more. And just as with an aboveground unit, the lines that supply gas to an in-ground tank need to be installed by a professional.

There are, however, some special precautions that need to be taken when installing the lines as well as the tank, making it critical that you choose an experienced professional to take care of your job.

  • Corrosion protection – The earth carries electric current naturally, and this current can adversely affect an in-ground gas tank in several different ways. One of the most dangerous is a process known as electrolysis, which can corrode underground metal objects to the point that it can cause holes to form. Special anodes are attached to the tank that absorb the currents and reduce corrosion.
  • Special coatings – Since an in-ground tank is constantly in contact with the soil, its outer surface needs to be protected. However, it is important that the backfill (the material used to cover the hole dug for the tank) does not consist of abrasive materials and rocks. This could lessen the effectiveness of the anodes. If at all possible, have your tank installed in an area that has sand and firm earth.

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Choosing the Correct Size of In-Ground Gas Tank in South Florida

Basically, you should choose the size of your tank based on the number of people living in your home, as well as the size of your home. If you have an appliance that runs on propane, then you’ll obviously want a larger tank. You can call Reliable Electrical Services for help if you are not sure what size tank is right for your needs. If you purchase a larger tank, you will obviously be buying more gas to fill it. This could help you during periods where natural gas or propane prices spike.

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In-Ground Tank Durability in South Florida

While aboveground tanks are built to withstand the elements, they will still suffer wear due to storms and other instances of extreme weather. In addition, temperature changes can affect the pressure of the gas stored inside this type of tank. On the other hand, underground temperatures do not fluctuate as much, allowing the contents of an in-ground tank to be more stable from a pressure perspective. High-quality in-ground models are built to last for several years and made of very durable materials.

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