Gas Leak Detection in Palm Beach County & Broward County, FL

Gas lines can develop small leaks that are undetectable because they cannot be smelled. At Reliable Power Systems, we have the equipment and experience to find even the smallest leaks and repair them. Our experts can give you peace of mind that your home is free of risky gas leaks!

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Signs of Gas Leaks in Palm Beach & Broward County Homes

Many homes use gas to power appliances like clothes dryers, water heaters, furnaces, ovens, and more. If a leak is present, it can slowly accumulate to the point that it presents the risk of a fire or explosion.

To help people recognize when gas leaks may be present, local gas utilities in Broward and Palm Beach counties add a scent to natural gas and propane so that they give off a “rotten egg” or sulfur-like smell. While this foul odor is usually one of the most tell-tale signs of a gas leak, other common red flags that a gas line in your home is leaking can include:

  • Damaged gas lines
  • Bubbles in your home’s water
  • Dust clouds near gas lines
  • Hissing or whistling sounds by gas lines
  • Dying or dead houseplants (despite properly caring for them)

If you notice any of these signs of gas leaks, don’t hesitate to contact Reliable Power Systems. While smaller leaks may not be dangerous, they still cost money because they waste gas. From a waste perspective, they are similar to a toilet that continually runs or a faucet that drips. Plus, these leaks won’t fix themselves—they’ll only get worse and more dangerous over time!

Call (561) 757-4405 or contact Reliable Power Systems online for gas leak detection service at your Broward or Palm Beach County home!

What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak at Your Palm Beach or Broward County Home

Take these five steps if you ever suspect a gas leak in your home:

  1. Get everyone out of the building and remain at a safe distance from the building.
  2. Open the doors and windows to promote ventilation and prevent gas from accumulating in the building.
  3. Don’t turn any light switches on or off, and don’t plug or unplug any electrical equipment. This could lead to a spark that could trigger an explosion.
  4. Call your gas utility and tell them you suspect a leak so that they can shut off the gas supply.
  5. Contact Reliable Power Systems for expert gas leak detection and repair service.

At Reliable Power Systems, our technicians use handheld gas leak detection equipment to find smaller breaches in gas lines. With our cutting-edge equipment and expertise, we can trace the pipes in your home, focusing on the line connections (or “unions”), as well as the areas where the lines connect with gas-powered appliances. We can also find leaks at or near your home’s gas meter.

Have a Reliable Power Systems professionally test your lines for leaks so that we can address any small issues before they become big, expensive, and potentially dangerous problems.

Call (561) 757-4405 or contact Reliable Power Systems online to schedule gas leak detection service in Broward County or Palm Beach County, FL. 

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