Home Inspection Services in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Damaged or faulty electrical systems can put you at risk of home fires. Similarly, a poorly maintained generator can put you at risk of having no backup power when you need it most.

For more than 10 years, the certified master electricians at Reliable Electrical Services have been offering in-home electrical and generator system inspections in and around Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

To make sure your home is safe, up-to-code, and using energy as wisely as possible, contact our highly qualified team for a home electrical safety inspection.

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We can make sure your electrical system and generator are safe and code-compliant on all fronts. We are fully insured, guarantee all our work, and specialize in all residential and commercial systems and generators. That can give you complete peace of mind that you’ll get exceptional service and solutions from Reliable Electrical Services!

Importance of Electrical & Generator Home Inspections in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

For those looking to buy a new home, they are counting on their home inspector to offer some insight into the type of service, condition of the existing electrical system, and any significant flaws he or she observes. Most importantly, you’ll need to ensure that the home is code compliant to avoid hefty fines and safety hazards.

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Electrical Inspections in Broward & Palm Beach Counties: What to Expect

When you contact Reliable Electrical Services for an electrical inspection, you can expect our inspectors to:

  • Determine the source of your home’s electrical service, which will either be overhead or underground wires
  • Look for where the source wires meet the home’s electrical wiring
  • Examine the electrical meter
  • Determine whether a system “disconnect” exists and, if so, inspect it
  • Assess the wiring material, amperage, and voltage
  • Determine how and where the system’s ground exists
  • Examine the main electrical panel, noting its type and overall condition
  • Examine the condition of circuit wires in the panel, reporting on the condition of supply and circuit wiring
  • Inspect the wiring that runs from the main circuit panel to the outlets and appliances in the home

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Generator Inspections in Broward & Palm Beach Counties: What to Expect

A generator inspector will:

  • Perform all of the necessary safety checks, testing your generator’s functionality
  • Inspect for damage, as well as normal wear and tear, nothing which parts need to be replaced
  • Examine the system for potential safety and code compliance issues
  • Test system to make sure everything works properly

To schedule a generator inspection in Palm Beach County or Broward County, call (561) 295-3875 or contact Reliable Electrical Services online!

Your Home Inspection Report

Your home inspection report will identify:

  • Areas with inadequate wiring for the outlets and/or appliances being run
  • Fire hazards
  • Other dangers

When we’re finished, your home will be completely up to code and safe for all electrical functionality.

Need to make sure your home is up to code standards? Just call Reliable Electrical Services at (561) 295-3875 for a whole-home electrical check and service!

Schedule an Electrical & Generator Inspection in Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Since 2002, Reliable Electrical Services has been illuminating the lives of those living throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties, FL. Known for providing exceptional customer service, we’re focused on offering first-class, innovative, and safety-oriented electrical solutions. When you turn to us for your electrical needs, you can always expect:

  • Upfront pricing
  • Top-quality service
  • The highest quality systems, products, and equipment
  • Professional, licensed, fully trained, and insured electricians who arrive on time, efficiently complete the work, and treat you—and your home—with the utmost care and respect

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