Pathway Lighting in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

You want your home to be welcoming and inviting when the sun goes down. Whether you are returning from work or awaiting the arrival of friends and family, outdoor lighting and pathway lighting create a comforting ambiance. At Reliable Electrical Services, our landscape lighting teams are masters at making your home the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

Selecting the Type of Pathway Lighting

Lanterns, lamps, and posts are the most common types of pathway lights. You can also choose recessed or paver lights. Most homeowners use multiple types of lights to create a layered lighting effect that reduces glare and eliminates shadows. For most of our clients, subtlety is the goal, and our teams are experts at creating the desired lighting effects along the sidewalks and steps around your home.

Benefits of Pathway Lighting in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Pathway lighting installation makes it easier to navigate from the garden to the patio, and from the garage to the outdoor living area. It connects every element in your landscape and illuminates the way so that you don’t stumble around in the dark. When correctly installed, pathway lighting adds significant value to your home and can make it the belle of the neighborhood.

Landscape lighting installation establishes a safe, secure path that is convenient to navigate. It enhances curb appeal and creates a welcoming ambiance that makes evening entertaining more relaxing and enjoyable. It also helps protect border plants and garden beds from trampling and damage.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services at (561) 295-3875 to learn more about our pathway lighting design and installation services. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and help you illuminate the sidewalks and walkways around your home. 

How Much Does Pathway Lighting Cost?

There are hundreds of fixtures and features to choose from when selecting pathway lighting for your home. Generally speaking, fixtures range in price from $5 to $400 each, while electrical cables run anywhere from $.50 to $1 per foot.

Prior to installation, our electricians and landscaping lighting design team will help you select the fixtures and necessary transformers, cables, etc. required to complete the job. We will provide a reliable estimate of the finished project and help you determine the best and most efficient options for creating the desired illumination around your home.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services at (561) 295-3875 to discuss the most popular pathway lighting features in Broward and Palm Beach counties. We can help you choose the fixtures and designs that can help your home blend in, or make it stand out in your neighborhood. 

Maintaining Pathway Lighting

How to maintain pathway lighting is one of the most common questions our clients ask. The good news is that once installed, pathway lighting requires very little maintenance and upkeep. You will want to make sure that you cut back plants and bushes, regularly replace bulbs, and clean the glass lenses, as well as metal or plastic elements.

Winds and rain may push lights out of position, but these are easily repositioned. It is also advisable to regularly check for exposed or damaged cables. If you perform these simple tasks, then your outdoor lighting will stand up to the wind and rain, and sun for many years to come.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services at (561) 295-3875 to learn more about maintaining your pathway lighting after the installation is complete. Our electricians and landscape design teams will answer your questions and help you establish a maintenance schedule that will protect your lighting long into the future.