Why Should You Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Boca Raton?

Posted On: December 30, 2015

Electrical panelBoca Raton’s housing market is always moving and shifting thanks to locals, snowbirds and tourists. Keep your home in play while it’s on the real estate market by upgrading your existing electrical panel to the latest technology. It’s one less barrier to purchase for home buyers, many of whom aren’t looking for a place that needs major upgrades to basic systems.

Plus, if your not planning on selling for some time, you’ll reap the benefit of not having to deal with those fickle fuses.

Consider Insurance!

Homeowner’s insurance is incredibly important and essential for protecting what is usually a person’s largest investment – their home. However, not all policies are created equally. Some policies won’t cover damages resulting from faulty outdated technology. Most new construction is built with a 200-amp capacity to meet higher electrical needs. Homes built in the 1960s and before, typically only support 60-amps. An electrical panel upgrade for your Boca Raton home might not just be helpful; it might be a requirement of your insurance policy.

Even if you’re covered by your homeowner’s insurance, your future homebuyers might not be so lucky.

Avoid Fire Hazards!

Fuse boxes are not inherently more dangerous than their modern circuit breaker counterparts. However, most fuse boxes have been tinkered with, abused and worn out. As previously mentioned, fuse boxes usually only support 60-amps. To avoid blowing fuses, some homeowners will substitute smaller capacity fuses with higher rated replacements. The fuse housings aren’t usually built for a higher capacity fuses which results in a fire hazard.

Another problem older fuse boxes face is double lugging or double tapping. Wires are attached to a fuse by a lug or screw. Fuses can only support one wire at a time. Some homeowners ignore this in order to add more wires to the panel. Again, this is a fire hazard and should not be done.

Eventually, even the best maintained electrical systems succumb to wears and tears over time.

Metal, heat and electricity. It sounds like a recipe for something to go wrong. However, if you hire a trained, licensed professional, like those at Reliable Electrical Services, you can rest easy knowing that your electrical panel upgrade will be conducted with the highest level of safety and attention to detail.