Electrical Outlet Installation in Delray Beach

Posted On: March 19, 2013

If you are tired of having to rely on annoying extension cords running through your home, or having to worry about using double adapters plugged into each other because you don’t have enough outlets, Reliable Electrical Services is here to help. Our experts perform electrical outlet installation in Delray Beach that will eliminate those problems quickly and efficiently.

Electrical Outlet Not Working in Delray Beach

If you plug in your hair dryer and nothing happens – and you know there’s nothing wrong with the device – try re-setting your breaker. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll probably need to call an electrician because that is a sign of a significant problem.

Adding Electrical Outlets in Delray Beach

If you find that certain appliances or electronics located in one area of your home are pulling too much energy and causing outages, then you’ll probably want more outlets added. This is especially true in older homes where it is common for an entire room to have only one or two outlets. That was fine for the power demand when the house was built, but those demands have increased exponentially in recent years.

Reliable Electrical Services can install new outlets or upgrade the ones that you currently have. This is a job, however, for a professional; don’t try and do this type of work yourself unless you are 100 percent qualified. If you make a mistake, that could lead to a costly repair down the road – worse yet, it could lead to a serious injury or damage to your home.

Reasons for Electrical Outlet Installation in Delray Beach

There are several reasons you should consider having new outlets installed in your home. These include:

Kitchen or bathroom remodels – You need to make sure you have plenty of outlets to accommodate your remodeling project. You will also need GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) installed in these areas to help protect from electrical shock. A GFCI disconnects power to a circuit when it senses a fluctuation of more than .005 amps in an outlet.

Outdoor outlets – When you want to stay outside on your patio, you might also want the convenience of having something like a television outside as well so you can keep track of the game while enjoying the weather. Many homes don’t have sufficient outdoor outlets.

Advanced electronic equipment – Electronics such as high-definition televisions and computers are incredibly popular, as are other types of gadgets. The more of these you accumulate, the more electricity they need to run. Rather than running extension cords all through your home to accommodate this equipment, it is much safer and more convenient to install additional outlets.

Call Reliable Electrical Services today so that we can take care of all your outlet installation needs.