Why Should South Florida Homeowners Invest in Whole Home Surge Protection?

Posted On: August 20, 2015

If you’re a responsible homeowner, then you might want to consider installing whole home surge protection in your South Florida property.

Why You Need Whole Home Surge Protection

Most people think surge protectors are intended to protect their electrical system against power surges that come in over the grid during storms. And though this is true, it’s important to note that 80 percent of all power surges originate inside, not outside the home!

In recent years, the average household’s energy use has risen considerably. Not only do we have more and larger household appliances and electronics than before—for example French door refrigerators of 30 cubic feet, televisions in multiple rooms, and outdoor security lighting—we also use more personal electronics devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. And though this is very convenient, the truth is that only the newest homes have electric systems that are equipped to handle all of this power. Older homes have wiring that’s designed for far lower energy consumption, and unfortunately, when you overuse these older systems, you can trigger energy spikes in the home’s electric system and create power surges.

When appliances and devices are exposed to power surges, they can burn out immediately or simply gradually stop working. And this means you’ll have to invest in new ones long before you’d otherwise need to replace them.

Whole Home Surge Protection: An Extra Layer of Security

A lot of homeowners purchase surge protectors that can be installed at a point of use; for example, an outlet in your home office. However, not many people are aware that many of these readily available surge protectors are little more than fortified power strips. And that means they don’t deliver the protection you need.

That’s where a whole home surge protector can make all the difference. This device is installed at the electrical panel and effectively regulates all of the electricity as it comes into the system, as well as travels through it. In short, it offers targeted, 24/7 protection!

If you want to know more about whole home surge protection, call Reliable Electrical Services today!