When Should You Call for Home Rewiring in Boynton Beach?

Posted On: February 13, 2016

Electrician wiring a homeHome rewiring is a task only a trained, experienced electrician should tackle. However, learning when to schedule a home rewiring is something you can do to protect your largest investment and your family.

Check the outlets in your home for black discoloration and charring. This type of damage indicates that the wires that run between the electrical panel and outlet are not properly secured. Loose wires can lead to shortages and electrical fires. Are the receptacle and faceplate firmly secured to the wall? If not, their weight could be causing the wires to loosen.

After your visual inspection of the outlets, see if your Boynton Beach home passes the “sniff test.” Walk around your house and as you do so breathe deep. Is there a burning smell in the air? Burning smells could be the result of shortages taking place at the outlet, in the wall or at the connection to the electrical panel. Overheated and damaged insulation are also to blame for burning smells.

You may have to conduct the “sniff test” sporadically throughout the week because it’s unlikely that all of the outlets and circuits in your home will be utilized at the same time and to the same level. You want to see how your electrical configuration works during regular use.

Lights should turn on and off when you decide, not at their own accord. Flickering lights are a sign of old age, loose connections and improper wiring.Overloaded circuits can also cause lights to dim intermittently. If you have one of the older homes in Boynton Beach, you might still have a fuse box or an insufficient circuit board. If that is the case, you might also need an electrical panel upgrade in addition to a home rewiring.

An excessive amount of appliances on one circuit might also be causing the lights to flicker. When you call Reliable Electrical Services, we’ll be able to measure the amount of electricity being pulled and the amount of electricity available on a circuit. During a home rewiring we can help alleviate severe electrical overloads by adding additional circuits.

Examine your home. If you notice flickering lights, burning smells or charred outlets call Reliable Electrical Services. We’ve been serving the Boynton Beach area for over a decade and know how to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.