When is it Time to Replace Switches & Outlets in Delray Beach?

Posted On: November 16, 2015

There are plenty of older homes out there equipped with switches and outlets that can’t simply keep up with today’s ever-growing, ever-changing electrical demands. Of course, this is incredibly hazardous, as older switches and outlets are more likely to be the cause of residential fires or shocks. If you live in one of these older homes, then considering replacing these dangerous switches & outlets in Delray Beach is a must.

Reliable Electrical Services should be your number-one service for replacement. Our team of electricians can upgrade switches and outlets to improve electrical power in your home. In addition to top-notch service, we can also offer quoted upfront fixed pricing so you get better quality electricity for your buck. You’ll save money while gaining greater electrical power!

The Signs You Need Replacement Now!

Replacing those aging, faulty switches & outlets in Delray Beach is a major step in ensuring your home is equipped with higher quality electricity that also keeps your whole family safe. Here are just a few signifiers the time for replacement is near:

  • Two-Pronged Outlets: Those two-pronged outlets are becoming a thing of the past! If your home is still equipped with them, it’s time to upgrade with three-prong outlets. Two-prong outlets have proven to be unable to keep up with today’s intense power demands. Worse, this can lead to a higher chance of residential fires if not replaced soon. Three-prong outlets are much better in adapting
  • Builders-Grade Outlets: Builders-grade outlets are also a thing of the past. While they may appear to not cause any harm, they can raise the chances of residential fires and electric shocks. Don’t fool around with your safety and get it replaced now with a modern, higher quality outlet!
  • Faulty Wiring: Sometimes it all comes down to wiring. No matter what condition your outlets and switches may be in, faulty wiring can lead to some huge problems in terms of how either produce power. Rewiring may also mean new outlets and switches that provide a steadier flow of electric power to all of your appliances!
  • Physical Damage: Are your switches and outlets showing signs of wear and tear? Then it’s definitely time for replacement. Your switches and outlets need to be covered to avoid the possibility of an electric shock. New plastic coverings for outlets are durable and longer lasting so you’ll have safer, working outlets for all of your appliances.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services today if you want to replace switches and outlets in Delray Beach! Ensure greater electrical power in your home now!