The Importance of Wired Smoke Detectors in Palm Beach, FL

Posted On: May 13, 2015

If you’re looking for an electrician in Palm Beach to install a wired smoke detector, look no further than Reliable Electric Services. With quality installation at an affordable price, our electric services can’t be beat!

Palm Beach may be known for its scenic coastline, but no home in the area is complete without a wired smoke detector. It is truly vital in the detection of home fires and designed to ensure your safety. Remember, a fire can start in any room of your home. A wired smoke detector can not only alert you of a fire as soon as possible, but also give you plenty of time to escape a potentially life-threatening situation.

What’s the Importance of Wired Smoke Detectors in Palm Beach?

Our licensed electricians in Palm Beach can install a wired smoke detector on every level of your home. If you’ve yet to install a smoke detector, here’s a few reasons why you should call us immediately.

  1. It Will Save Your Life: Nearly 3,000 people die each year in the United States in home fires. Two-thirds of these deaths occur in homes without proper smoke detector installation. A wired smoke detector is a matter of life and death, and you certainly wouldn’t want to risk your well-being over something easily preventable.
  2. It’s Loud Yet Helpful: Sure, the high-pitched screech of a smoke detector can grate on the ears, but that sound is undeniably helpful in alerting you of a potential fire. Many home fires occur at night when residents are asleep, which can lead to fatal results without the installation of a smoke detector. Fortunately, its loud noise can awaken the heaviest sleeper and usher them to safety.
  3. It Prevents Smoke Inhalation: A leading cause of death in home fires is the inhalation of smoke and other toxic fumes. While a smoke detector’s screech may not necessarily be indicative of a full-blown fire, it can at least detect potentially harmful smoke and give you ample time to remedy the situation.
  4. It’s Inexpensive: A wired smoke detector is one of the least expensive pieces of fire prevention technology, thus making it affordable for all Palm Beach home owners. Installation is fast, cheap, and undoubtedly necessary. Your safety is most important, and you deserve the best fire prevention technology at the most comfortable price.

Don’t hesitate to contact Reliable Electric Services to have a reputable electrician in Palm Beach install a wired smoke detector. When it comes our electric services, the needs and safety of our customers is the top priority!