The Importance of Electrical Panel Upgrades in Palm Beach

Posted On: February 6, 2016

Electrical panelBefore you make any cosmetic changes to your Palm Beach home, make sure your electrical panel is in order and doesn’t need any repairs or upgrades.

While upgrading your electrical panel may not sound as immediately rewarding as painting over the kitchen or purchasing throw pillows for the living room, the benefits to you and your family are more noticeable than you might imagine.

We like to look good in Palm Beach, which means gadgets. Think of the electric razors, hair straighteners, curlers and blow dryers all vying for the one bathroom outlet. With an electrical panel upgrade you can install more outlets in your bathroom. Imagine not having to flip the breaker in the middle of your mourning routine anymore.

Of course, you could always use a power strip, but unless your have an electricity meter and a calculator on hand and you want to do long division at six in the morning, that might not be the safest option. Power strips are convenient, but using them raises the likelihood of tripping a circuit because they can pull more electricity than the circuit is rated for.

In addition to making it possible to add more outlets in and around your Palm Beach bungalow, an electrical panel upgrade will also increase the amount of power each outlet can support.

The benefits of an electrical panel upgrade in your Palm Beach home go beyond the bathroom. You can’t build the kitchen of your dreams with a nightmare electrical configuration. Major appliances often need a lot of power and their own dedicated circuit in order to run safety and functionally. With a simple call to Reliable Electrical Service your newly upgraded electrical panel, dynamo double electric wall ovens and super deluxe stainless steel refrigerator can all be installed sooner than you expected.

Perhaps a state-of-the-art kitchen isn’t your style, but an electrical panel upgrade is certainly worth looking into if you are upgrading your home audio system or considering installing an electricity-hogging HVAC system. It’s no fun when the ac dies in the middle of July in Palm Beach.

If your home is your castle, why not make it a comfortable one? With an electrical panel upgrade you can say goodbye to power strips, which are both an eyesore and tripping hazard. You can stop fighting for the one outlet and you can put make Normal Rockefeller gasp at your magically simultaneous dessert and entrée cooking skills. Ready to make the call? Our number is (561) 362-7012.