Prepare for Hurricane Season with Standby Generator Installation

Posted On: January 28, 2015

landscape of house with lightningThis year marks the anniversary of Hurricane Wilma, the last major hurricane to make landfall in South Florida. That was 10 years ago, but many South Florida homeowners still remember the damage today — Wilma was the most intense cyclone ever recorded in this area, and the record breaking winds alone merited the evacuation of residents in the Florida Keys! For two weeks, schools in Palm Beach and Broward counties were closed due to power outages and damage to buildings. Many homeowners were stuck without electricity for days, some even weeks.

10 years is a long time. At this point, it’s not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN we get hit with the next major storm.

After that storm, many homeowners chose to invest in standby generator installation from the certified experts at Reliable Power Systems They were right, too! Since then, those homeowners have had reliable, automatic, and efficient generator power, ensuring they never are trapped without power in a storm again. In this upcoming hurricane season (less than 2 months away!), they will feel 100% safe and comfortable for as long as the power remains out. Wouldn’t you like to say the same? Make 2015 the year that you invest in standby generator installation so that you are prepared for this year’s hurricane season as well as many more years to come.

Why You Should Invest in Standby Generator Installation

Not having lights or being able to charge our electronics is a major nuisance, but the main reason to get a standby generator installation is safety. Here are some major concerns that can be eliminated by purchasing standby generator installation today.

  1. Security– When the power goes out, you lose your security system and exterior security lights. For that indefinite period of time, your home, your valuables, and your family are all unprotected.
  2. Food Preservation– Almost everyone is familiar with the annoyance and waste of having to throw away spoiled food after a power outage. Keep your fridge operating for the entire blackout and you’ll never have to waste food again.
  3. Water– Many homeowners get their water from private wells. When the power goes out, the well pump may stop — meaning your might not have clean water for days! Be prepared for everything with generator installation.
  4. Aging-in-Place Appliances– If you or a loved one is an elderly or handicapped person living on their own, they may rely on certain conveniences to help them navigate their home. Not having, for instance, an operational stair lift may be a serious safety concern.
  5. Temperature Control– No air conditioning in Southern Florida can be unpleasant to think about, much less experience for yourself. Make sure you can be comfortable in your own home by having an automatic standby generator in your home to back-up your HVAC system should any part of it go down.

Call Reliable Power Systems for a generation installation consultation, and make this hurricane season your safest and most comfortable yet!