South Florida Braces for Isaac

Posted On: August 26, 2012

All eyes have been on the tropics as Tropical Storm Isaac has churned in the Atlantic. The tropical storm is set to turn into a Hurricane sometime late Sunday August 26th or early on Monday morning. It is important to prepare for a storm to come ashore at any time during the hurricane season. To help you prepare, you should call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. We will get your generator set-up and ready when the storm hits. There are also a few things you can do to prepare your home or business. Here are some tips.

Stock Up Before Hurricane Season in South Florida

Before the storm hits, or even at the beginning of Hurricane season, make sure you have plenty of water, batteries, non-perishable food and medications in case you need to ride a storm out at your home or business. Water can be bought in cases, gallons or even stored in food safe drums. If the city’s municipal water system fails, you should also have water stored in bathtubs to allow you to flush toilets and wash dishes.

Make a Plan for Hurricanes in South Florida

Each year you should have a plan in place that lies out your evacuation route, safe place to meet and list of emergency numbers. Each family member should have a copy of the plan with him or her at all times in case the need for evacuation is urgent. Your family members should also each have a bag that has supplies for at least 72 hours. These include food, toiletries, change of clothes, flashlight, radios, medication and any other essentials.

Purchase a Standby Generator in South Florida

Even if you need to evacuate, a standby generator can help keep your home safe during a storm. When the power goes out at your home, you will quickly loose food in your fridge and essential electronics such as a home alarm will fail to operate. A standby generator monitors the power coming into your home and will kick in as soon as power loss is detected.

Maintain Your Standby Generator in South Florida

If you already have a standby generator, good for you! You should have the generator receive service on an annual basis to make sure that it will work correctly when you need it. We will test, inspect and service your generator.

Do not get caught unprepared, call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. today.