8 Ways to Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Posted On: November 3, 2016

smoke detector
Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is one of the most important features of your home. It can save your life and help you avoid situations like fires or gas leaks. However, if you don’t take steps to maintain them, you may find yourself left without any protection, and may face several costly, if not fatal, consequences. Though smoke detection is meant to alert you of smoke, a fire may spread quickly throughout your home if the detector does not work properly. That means you won’t have anything to wake you up if a fire starts in the middle of night, resulting in a potentially life-threatening situation that would have otherwise been avoided had you taken a few moments to ensure your smoke detector was working well. Faulty carbon monoxide detectors may prove even worse. Since carbon monoxide is odorless, you won’t be able to smell it in your home. Without proper detection, exposure will pop up in several unpleasant ways, including the members of your household experiencing serious illness or even a loss of consciousness. If you want to avoid these dangers this fall, you need to make a point to ensure your detectors continue to work.

Calling Reliable Electrical Services for High-Quality Service

Fortunately, Reliable Electrical Services is here to ensure your every last electrical need is met this season. With 50,000 electrical fires reported in the United States each year, you cannot pass up the chance to receive service. Even if you think your smoke and carbon monoxide detection devices are working fine, making assumptions may prove your greatest mistake. Our team of electricians can inspect your detectors to ensure you have a better understanding of when to know it’s time to replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you can continue to live in your home safely. With our help, you can expect a more peaceful life in your home, especially when you have detectors looking out for your family’s safety. You will also notice higher property resale value, especially when buyers are more likely to look at a home equipped with reliable safety features.

How Can You Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection?

Reliable Electrical Services can make your home safer than ever before, but you can also do your share in making sure your detectors continue to work by following these 8 tips:

  1. Replace Old Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors will not last forever, which is why you should replace them every 10 years for the best electrical performance. This will ensure you have detection that can continue picking up on even the slightest traces of smoke.
  2. Replace Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon monoxide detectors should also be replaced, this time every 5 to 7 years. This will help you avoid both unexpected breakdowns and gas leaks from going undetected.
  3. Upgrade to Lithium Batteries: Lithium batteries provide great longevity and remarkable efficiency, much more so than regular batteries. Installing them in your detectors will ensure you save time and money on battery replacement.
  4. Do Not Operate Generators Indoors: If you have a standby generator, absolutely do not use it indoors under any circumstance. Since generators have the potential to leak smoke and harmful gas once they malfunction, it can easily lead to disaster in your home, even if your detectors are working.
  5. Consider Battery Back-Ups: Any detector you install should be equipped with a battery back-up. Having a battery back-up in place is a way to gain peace of mind, especially if your current set of batteries die out unexpectedly.
  6. Read the Manufacturer’s Guide: Always read the fine print on your detector’s manufacturer guide. It can make maintenance so much less difficult. It will give you a clearer understanding of how smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work, when you should replace batteries, and how to tell if the detector malfunctions.
  7. Be Careful Cooking: Did you know cooking is the leading cause of fires in the United States? You may not think about it when cooking tonight’s dinner, but be aware enough to not engage in any unsafe cooking practices that will result in a fire. Some homeowners will make unwise decisions like using a charcoal grill indoors, barbecuing inside if your garage, and even heating the home with an oven. These all increase the chances of a fire or gas leak and if you don’t have proper detection, it may cost you your entire house.
  8. Call Reliable Electrical Services for Maintenance: Please call your local electrician annually to inspect all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Our home safety inspection will prove highly beneficial if you want to make sure all of the features are up to today’s standards. All you need is the thumbs up from Reliable Electrical Services to feel so much more confident about your home’s safety.

Keep Your Home Safe And Schedule A Time To Ensure It Has Properly Working Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices

Contact Reliable Electrical Services today if you want to ensure your home remains safe this fall by maintaining your smoke and carbon monoxide detection!