Pinecrest Generator Sales and Installation: 70kW Generac Generator

Posted On: March 28, 2013

Generac Generator Installation in Pinecrest, FLIf you are looking for Pinecrest generator sales and installation you need look no further than the experts at Reliable Power Systems. We recently installed a Generac 70kW Generator in the Pinecrest area of Miami complete with an engineered and poured 4,000 PSI concrete pad.

This type of job requires the skill and expertise of experienced technicians, the kind you will find at Reliable Power Systems. Our professionals will install your generator – no matter how large or small – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Generac 70 kW Generators in Pinecrest

Generac 70 kW generators provide complete power protection for both large homes and small- to medium-sized businesses alike. These generators can power a wide range of businesses, including schools, restaurants, assisted living systems, convenience stores, gas stations and even municipal systems.

When a business experiences a power outage that can lead to substantial lost revenue. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 2 million businesses experience a power outage each year that lasts eight hours or more.

Power outages, according to the agency, result in a loss of approximately $80 billion each year, with 98 percent of that loss being absorbed by businesses. About a third of companies lose anywhere from $20,000-$500,000, 20 percent lose $500,000 to $2 million, and 15 percent lose more than $2 million.

When you think of the potential for an incredible amount of lost revenue, you can see why it is critical that companies remain powered up if the utility grid fails due to weather or malfunctioning equipment. A Generac 70 kW generator gives owners peace of mind, and can keep money in their bank accounts as well.

Affordable 70 kW Generators in Pinecrest

Until recently, if a generator was powerful enough for a commercial application that meant it was extremely expensive. The main reason was they had to run on diesel fuel. However, Generac pioneered the manufacture of commercial generators that can run on much more affordable liquid propane (LP) or natural gas.

Why Natural Gas- and LP-Powered Generators are the Better Choice in Pinecrest

Thanks to Generac’s advanced technology, thousands of businesses can now afford to have generator power backup. Companies no longer have to risk losing thousands – or even millions – of dollars during an extended power outage.

The benefits of natural gas generators include:

  • Clean burning fuels that meet EPA clean air standards.
  • Reliable, continuous fuel supply.
  • Propane can be stored for years with no degradation in quality.

70 kW Generator Services in Pinecrest

If you have a larger home or small- to medium-sized business facility and you are thinking of having a Generac 70 kW generator installed, give us a call at Reliable Power Systems. We will work closely with you to insure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible and results in years of worry-free performance.