How a Palm Beach Generator Works in 5 Easy Steps

Posted On: December 11, 2015

How a Generator WorksIf you’re thinking about investing in a Palm Beach generator, then it might be helpful to understand how a generator works.

Palm Beach Generators Explained

The principle behind generators is quite simple, though the name of the device is a bit misleading. A generator doesn’t actually generate electricity. Here’s how it works:

  1. A looped wire is placed between the poles of a magnet.
  2. The wire is mechanically moved up and down within the magnetic field.
  3. An electric current flows through the wire.
  4. As the wire moves up and down, it creates a continuous flow of electricity.
  5. The electricity is forced into an external circuit, which then powers a building, for example, a home.

Of course, in order to keep the wire moving up and down mechanically, you need to fuel the generator. This is usually done with gasoline, gas or diesel fuel.

What Happens During a Power Outage?

If you have an automatic backup generator, then you’ll enjoy uninterrupted power even during long power outages. The reason for this is simple: the sophisticated design of automatic backup generators allows the generator to sense when the grid powers down. When this happens, the generator immediately powers up and the circuit switches to the generator’s electricity feed. As long as the generator has enough fuel, it will keep forcing electricity into the external circuit, powering your home. When the electricity grid is restored, the sensor switches the generator off and the circuit switches back to the grid as a power source.

Call Reliable Power Systems to Install Your Palm Beach Generator

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