Miami Generator Sales: Generac 10kW with EZ Switch

Posted On: March 7, 2013

Generac 10kW Guardian Series GeneratorIf you are looking for a generator that will keep the power flowing to your essential circuits when an outage occurs, then the Generac 10kW is the perfect fit. The Generac 10kW can back up a three-ton air conditioner, water heater or well pump, and your home’s main rooms.

Generac 10kW Features in Miami

Generac’s controller is one of the most advanced available on the market. It provides an LCD display in English, Spanish and French and lets you easily monitor and manage all of the generator’s functions. The Generac 10kW can also be converted to liquid propane to natural gas if you prefer that fuel source – call Reliable Power Systems and we can send a technician to make that conversion for you.

The Generac 10kW model comes with the only engine designed specifically for generator use; this engine can go substantially longer in between scheduled maintenance checks than competitive models. Plus, its TruePower Technology provides smooth, clean operation for sensitive appliances and electronics.

This model comes with a steel enclosure and a durable finish that protects your generator from the elements, and is strong enough to stand up to winds as much as 150 mph. The enclosure is also lined with sound reducing foam panels to ensure quiet operation.

The 10kW also features intelligent design, including indicator lights that allow you to easily find out the status of your generator without having to open the enclosure, and a run time monitor that lets you know when you should schedule your next maintenance check. Another important feature is the EZ Switch, which will ensure a quick and efficient installation. The EZ Switch allows for fast connections and is rated for all classes of loads.

Generac 10kW Generator Reliability in Miami

If you lose power for an extended period of time, a Generac 10kW generator can ensure that you do not have to suffer. You will have a steady supply of hot water and your refrigerator will continue to operate so that you do not lose food to spoilage. It can back up your air conditioner, lights, television/radio and other important electronics and appliances.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that your home will continue to have power even if the grid is disabled for a long period of time, call Reliable Power Systems to learn more about how a Generac 10kW generator will be perfect for you.