Miami Generator Sales and Installation: 125kW Kohler Generator on Star Island

Posted On: March 4, 2013

Reliable Power Systems recently installed a 125kW Kohler generator for a beautiful waterfront home on Star Island in Miami. With this powerful generator standing by at all times for a power outage, this home will never have to do without electricity no matter what the elements will be able to dish out.

Benefits of a Kohler 125kW Generator in Miami

One of the most powerful generators on the market, Kohler 125kW units are also among the most reliable. While you may associate the Kohler name with plumbing fixtures, the company has manufactured generators for nearly 100 years. It not only has the expertise and experience needed to produce top of the line generators, it also is at the forefront of innovation.

Kohler generators can withstand winds up to 150 mph and also the corrosive effects of sea spray. Their ultra-strong enclosures are made of durable aluminum, offering unsurpassed protection. And since they run so quietly, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. No matter how much electricity your most demanding appliances and electronics require, you can run them with confidence knowing your Kohler 125kW generator will be able to handle the load.

Other Kohler 125kW generator benefits include:

  • Tropical insulation suited for the harshest environments. This insulation consists of an epoxy overcoat that is perfect for high-humidity environments and provides excellent abrasion resistance.
  • An engine that is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II compliant.
  • Drip-proof and self-ventilated construction.
  • Windings that are vacuum-impregnated with a fungus-resistant epoxy varnish, providing durability and dependability.

Generator Installation in Miami

We also installed an 800A automatic transfer switch, which is the brain of a Kohler home backup power system. This switch monitors the utility grid of any sort of interruption, and automatically switches to generator power if an outage takes place. The switch starts the generator, transfers all electrical loads and restores the power to your home. Once power is restored to the utility grid, the switch automatically reverses the process.

In addition, we were also responsible for installation of the generator’s concrete retaining wall and elevated concrete slab, which included 133 pin piles driven into the earth for support. The only thing we didn’t install was the grass. This is a true testament of what our experts are capable of at Reliable Power Systems. Call us today to see how we can bring you peace of mind knowing you’ll never have to go without critical power whenever the utility grid fails.