Maintenance Tips for Standby Generators in Palm Beach

Posted On: November 11, 2015

Hurricane Kate has been named the storm of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season, and there’s a good chance Palm Beach residents may feel its intense winds and heavy rains in the near future. During this time of the year, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have durable, quality power in your home. You should be equipped with standby generators in Palm Beach to supply your home with power even when Hurricane Kate makes its presence known.

But what happens if you don’t maintain it? Well, the folks here at Reliable Electrical Services are happy to offer services for all of your generator needs. This includes repair, installation, replacement, and even a maintenance. We’re also ready to give you tips to teach you how to maintain your generator all year round so you never experience power failure.

What Can You Do for Your Standby Generators?

For optimum performance, it’s important to take care of your generator throughout the year. Are you unsure what to do? Here are a few tips straight from our electricians on how you can ensure the best performance for your standby generator this season:

  • Check Overall Condition: Give your generator a look over for corrosion, loose or broken wires, and stuck buttons. Clean away any debris that could be getting into the alternator. If anything can’t be fixed by your own hands, leave it in the hands of a professional.
  • Check the Battery. Top off the distilled water in the battery if needed, and check its voltage. Batteries are usually only good for 2-3 years, so make sure you don’t have a battery that’s too old to provide power.
  • Change Lubricant Oil and Filters: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use synthetic oil in air cooled units.
  • Check Bolts and Gasket. Wear and tear is inevitable but most issues are usually easy replacements. Bolts and gaskets may have extensive damage that prevent your generator from working at the best of its abilities.
  • Check Fuel. Any unused gas just sitting in the generator loses its effectiveness after 6 months. Dispose of it properly and call a professional to see what can do next to get the most out of your gas. Be extra careful with this step so you’re not burning fuel and releasing harmful pollutants into the environment.
  • Use Generator Regularly: If you’re not using your generator all the time, at least start it up every 6 months to make sure it’s ready to go. Lengthy periods of non-usage can actually prevent you generator from working at its best.

Contact Reliable Electrical Services if you want to learn more about standby generators in Palm Beach. Get the highest-quality service now!