Hurricane Emergency Plans in Southeast Florida

Posted On: August 13, 2012

Luckily, a Hurricane often gives residents in its path a few days to prepare for evacuation or staying at home. Unfortunately, when a Hurricane is on its way, everyone else in Southeast Florida will be rushing about to get prepared for the storm. Preparing for a storm is easiest when you prepare well in advance of a storm. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. is Southeast Florida’s best generator contractor; we are in the business of being prepared. A generator isn’t the only thing that can help you prepare for a storm; here are some other tips to keep you safe, sane and comfortable during a storm.

Hurricane Emergency tips for Miami-Dade Residents

Prepare a Family Emergency Plan– Even though a Hurricane usually allows a few days to prepare, there is a chance that the storm will be stronger than you thought or that the storm made a turn at the last minute. In your family emergency plan, list out a location to meet your family, make sure everyone carries a list of emergency numbers and make sure that everyone knows where to meet in an emergency. Plan several different locations in case one is inaccessible in event of a road closure.

Have a Plan for Your Pet– Our pets are very important to our families, and we want to make sure that they are safe in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, many shelters are not able to accept pets, so your pets need to either stay home or be put in a place they will be safe, such as with a family member outside the path of the storm.

Hurricane Emergency Tips For Palm Beach Residents

Keep an Emergency Pack in Your Car at all Times– Each family member should have an emergency pack with him or her at all times. These packs should include batteries, medications, food for three-days, comfortable clothing, a knife, wrench, dust mask, toiletries, solar radio, solar cell phone charger and water. This pack can help get you through a few days without power or if you are stranded in a shelter. Your emergency pack should also contain vital information such as insurance policy numbers, social security numbers and birth certificates.

Stay Informed– Make sure to listen to the radio, check the internet and watch T.V. to stay on top of the evacuation requirements for your area. The news will also provide you with enough information to help you decide whether to stay at home or evacuate.

Hurricane Emergency Tips for Broward County Residents

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment for Your Generator– If you haven’t been maintaining your generator regularly, now is the time to schedule an appointment. A generator is of no use to you and your family if it fails to operate correctly. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. can service all brands and sizes of generators.

Be Flexible– While it may seem ideal to stay at home during a storm, use your common sense to decide whether riding out the storm is safe. If you do stay home, make sure your widows are secure and that you have enough provisions to last at least three days. If you do evacuate, wait for the all clear before you come home.

Prepare for the next Hurricane; call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. today.