GoodYear Diesel 100kw Kohler Generator Installation in Pompano Beach, FL

GoodYear Diesel Generator Installation in Pompano Beach, FL

GoodYear Called Reliable Power Systems for Their Generator Installation Needs

When GoodYear decided they needed a generator on the Airship Hangar located in Pompano Beach, they chose Reliable Power Systems to install it! The industrial 100kw generator was paired with an 800A 3-phase industrial automatic transfer switch.

An Airship Hangar is where airships are sheltered during construction, maintenance and storage. Airships – like the popular GoodYear blimp – always need to be based in hangars to prevent weathering.

Features of a Diesel Kohler 100kW Gas Generator

  1. The generator set and its components are prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested.
  2. The generator set accepts rated load in one step.
  3. It meets NFPA 110, Level 1 when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards (no worries – at Reliable Power Systems, we always meet those standards!)
  4. The set engine is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to conform to the New Source Performace Standards (NSPS) for stationary spark-ignited emissions.
  5. It comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers all systems and components.

Features of the 800A Industrial Automatic Transfer Switch

  1. It’s an electrically operated, mechanically held mechanism.
  2. It has a double-throw, mechanically interlocked design (break-before-make power contacts).
  3. It has an LCD displat
  4. The dynamic function keypad allows complete programming and viewing capability at the door.
  5. LED indicators: Source available, transfer switch position, service required, and “not in auto.”
  6. Phase-to-phase sensing and monitoring with 0.5% accuracy on both.
  7. Frequency sensing with 0.5% accuracy on both sources.
  8. Anti-single phasing protection.
  9. Phase rotation sensing for three-phase systems.
  10. Time-stamped event log.
  11. USB port with read/write compatibility.
  12. One-year limited warranty.

Does your business need a generator installed? Look no further than Reliable Power Systems! We were the right choice for GoodYear, and we’ll be the right choice for you!

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