Generator Repair and When You Need It

Posted On: March 17, 2017

Generators are an amazing asset to have for your home. As you know, generators work to keep the lights on in your home when they decide to go out. But what happens when you find yourself in need of a generator repair? Well, of course, you’re going to want to call for a professional who can handle the service. However, when do you know if you’re in need of a generator repair? That’s the question people are asking, and luckily for you, we have the answer. Even though you should always conduct regular maintenance on your generator, sometimes we lose sight of time and out of nowhere realize it’s not working. If this is the case, and you find yourself stuck with the lights out, take these tips and know when it’s time for a generator repair.

What Does Reliable Power Know About Generator Repair?

Here at Reliable Power, we are trusted source for generator sales. It’s not often that you find a company awarded South Florida’s Premier Generator Dealer for the fourth straight years. We take pride in our generator repair and installation services. And in South Florida, we know how important it is to maintain those generators for you. Our well-trained and professional contractors can handle the most difficult tasks because we ensure that we only hire the best. When you’re in need of a repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call us, because we care about your safety and your home. Take it from us, and learn more about when it is time to call for a generator repair.

Too Tough to Tell

The interesting aspect about generators is that we don’t usually expect to repair them. Unlike most appliances in your home, generators aren’t necessarily supposed to be used all day every day. Sometimes that can pose a problem for a lot of homeowners, because they can go days, weeks, even months not knowing whether or not they need a generator repair. The main purpose of a generator is to make sure you never go a day or even a minute without electricity. So trying to decipher whether or not you need a generator repair can be tough. That is why it is so important to maintain our generators to ensure proper care so that you’ll never find yourself stuck in a no-electricity situation.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

The best way to ensure whether or not you need a generator repair is by simply doing regular maintenance checks. Call a professional twice a year, at least, to conduct a maintenance check on your generator. This goes well especially before storm season and soon afterward. A technician will run maintenance checks to see if any of the connections are faulty. They will also check stale fuel and any potential fuel supply problems. Conducting a maintenance check after a storm helps ensure that the generator didn’t sustain any damage. The engine will also be lubricated so that it is running properly in times of need.

Conducting Your Own Test

It couldn’t hurt to turn on your generator every few months. Make sure that it starts quickly without any trouble. If you notice any problems once it starts, then that might indicate that the fuel supply is going stale and needs re-filling. Otherwise, if it provides the power levels you need, then it is working properly. Listen for any odd noises as well which could indicate wear and tear. Call a professional right away if you encounter any of these sorts of problems.

The Unit Is Damaged

Check on your generator to see if there is any visual damage. Sometimes a generator can get damaged from harsh weather conditions or human interference. It’s wise to do this checks after any major storm to ensure the quality of your generator is still in proper condition. Even if you didn’t experience any power outages, don’t neglect your generator. Just like every other important appliance in your home, your generator should see the same amount of care and attention. It’s easy to let a generator slip away from your thoughts or priorities, but in reality, they do so much for you in a time of need.

Why We Need to Pay Attention

Power outages and heavy storms can strike suddenly and we’re never truly prepared for them. That is why it is so important to maintain our generator throughout the year, to make sure it is prepared to handle a scenario. If you’re in need of a generator repair, don’t wait, because no one likes dealing with a storm in the pitch dark.

Don’t ignore your generator, and call Reliable Power today for generator repair services!