5 Commonly Asked Questions before Generator Installation

Electrical WiresGenerator installation requires serious consideration or else the consequences can be costly. You may buy the wrong brand, have it powered by the wrong fuel, and install it in the wrong area. Worst of all, you won’t have enough emergency backup power for any of your essential lights and appliances.This mistake is more common than you may think. Homeowners will rush through the buying and installation process just to have a reliable source of power. This will often mean they overlook some key areas that will ultimately determine what type of generator they should have in their home. And it’s not like generators are cheap. The average cost of a Generac standby generator, for example, is $1,889 and that’s actually considered one of the lower-priced brands out there. Installing the wrong system may see you lose thousands of dollars that would otherwise be used for other purposes. There is also the element of safety. If you install the wrong type of generator, or install it incorrectly, your generator may have a higher risk of catching fire or releasing harmful gasses into the environment. Your family’s well-being may be at risk just by making the wrong purchase. If you install an improperly sized system, you may also have to spend more on generator repair due to frequent system breakdowns and energy bills due to poor system efficiency. With pains like this, you’ll want to ask as many questions as possible to ensure you are getting the right one.

Why You Need to Call Reliable Power Systems

At Reliable Power Systems, we get a lot of questions thrown our way about generators, especially around this time of year when nightfall arrives much earlier. While you may not a licensed professional with years of experiencing on conducting generator installation, you should always feel free to ask any questions. We have a team of licensed electricians always ready to help you. As far as we’re concerned, the more you know about a generator, the more likely you are to buy the one best suited for your home. Since our electricians have years of experience behind them, they will prove incredibly helpful when it comes to teaching the basics of home power. They will be willing to not only dish out advice on how to purchase the right generator but also determine how you can keep it running for years.

What Should You Ask Before You Install?

You don’t need to be a know-it-all on generators, but it’s time important to have knowledge on a few basic facts. When you are looking to make sure you’re getting a generator worth every dollar, please ask the following 5 questions:

  1. Will you need a permit for a generator? Yes, you will need a permit before any installation work begins. You will also need a home electrical inspection conducted by a licensed professional after the installation is complete. Do research into your county or municipality to determine just into what type or how many permits will be required.
  2. What size of generator will you need? Installing an improperly sized in your home may result poor system efficiency and frequent breakdowns. However, any dependable electrician will know to inspect the area of installation first to determine what size will fit within your home’s physical space. You should also think of the size of your generator’s electrical capacity in terms of how many circuits in your home will need power.
  3. How far should a generator be kept from a home? Your generator should be kept as far as 25 feet from the home. When you consider that faulty generators have a risk of leaking smoke and carbon monoxide, you will want to make sure your home does not come into contact with your home at all. Absolutely under no circumstance should you try to use a standby generator in your home.
  4. Where should install the generator? And speaking of using it indoors, you will want to make sure it’s installed somewhere in your side of backyard. Location matters. If the generator is installed near an electrical meter or natural gas line, the cost of installation will be lower.
  5. How can you reduce the generator’s noise? Once everything is installed, you may be wondering what you can do to keep the generator’s noise levels down. Unfortunately, outside of reducing the amount of circuits your generator is powering, there will not be much of an answer. You should call an electrician at Reliable if the generator begins making loud, unusual noises that indicate a problem with its internal components.

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