Generator Consultation in Palm Beach

Posted On: August 11, 2014

A consultation will normally consist of the technician scoping out the property in order for them to tell you what size generator would be best for your size home, the best location for it to go, and suggest certain models.

While these are all very important considerations before buying a generator, there are some other questions you should ask yourself prior to a purchase:

  • How critical are the systems that will be powered by the generator?
    This question matters even more if it’s for a business. For example, in a hospital, power loss could endanger people’s health. Some other businesses may lose income or security due to a power outage. If that is the case, consider a stationary model that turns on automatically during an outage.
  • Where will the generator be stored?
    If you don’t think you’ll need consistent back-up electricity, you could think about getting a portable one that you can store somewhere until needed.
  • How will the generator be secured when not in use?
    If you’re planning on storing your portable generator outside, you might want to just invest the money in a stationary one. Portable ones aren’t rooted to anything, so they would be easy to steal. That’s a waste of money for you, and an added headache if the power goes out.
  • What kind of maintenance does a generator require?
    Generators need regular maintenance in order to work efficiently and extend its life. These complete service checks should be done by a professional, but you should ask them how you can maintain it yourself in between tune ups. You can do things like adding and checking the oil.
  • How much power will you need?
    If you only want essential appliances to be powered on during an outage, then a smaller generator would probably best fit your needs. However, for more appliances – or larger ones – to turn on in case of an outage, you’ll need a bigger, more powerful one. This is something your technician will determine, but it would be helpful to make a list of all the systems that you wish to power on.

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