Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator in Miami Gardens

Posted On: September 2, 2012

Generac generator installationYou don’t have to suffer during power outages anymore. Instead of having to use batteries, candles and non-perishable food in your quest to make it through the few days or weeks of no power, you can remain comfortable in your own home. Residents of Miami Gardens should call Reliable Power Systems, Inc. to install a standby generator at your home or business. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. is the area’s best generator contractor and can help ensure that you stay comfortable even when your neighbors are in the dark.

Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator Features and Benefits

A Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator can run a large home and a small business such as a convenience store, restaurant or small shop. Here is a list of the great features and benefits the Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator has to offer:

  • Generac Naturally Aspirated Gaseous Fueled 2.4L Engine
  • Two Line LCD Tri-lingual Digital Nexus™ Controller- This controller automatically selects the operating mode, constantly monitors power, includes a system that automatically operates the generator weekly to prevent seals from drying out and cools down before shut off.
  • Isochronous Electronic Governor
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure- Will reduce the noise pollution, making it nicer for both you and your neighbors.
  • Closed Coolant Recovery System
  • Smart Battery Charger- Your battery will keep a charge at all times.
  • UV/Ozone Resistant Hoses
  • ±1% Voltage Regulation
  • Aluminum Enclosure- Ensures protection against Mother Nature and has epoxy based paint for extra protection.
  • Natural Gas or LP Operation
  • UL 2200 Listed

 Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about the features, function and operation of the Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator. Here are the answers to the questions we frequently answer for our customers.

How Do I Handle The Permits and Approval I Need For Generator Installation?

The permit and approval process can be confusing for even the smartest home or business owner. Reliable Power Systems, Inc. will handle all of the permitting and approvals you need. This includes getting approval from the city and your homeowners association.

What Can I Run With the Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator?

Your Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator can run virtually every appliance in your home or business. We recommend the right size generator for your needs and this generator can easily handle your lights, T.V., electronics, oven, refrigerator and more.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Having A Generator?

For a homeowner the main benefits of a generator is that you will be able to be comfortable in your home even if the power is out. Another benefit for homeowners is the security that staying in your home offers, in the event of a natural disaster, the outside world can be very dangerous. If your home is intact, you may become a target. With a generator, you will be able to keep your security system on and stay connected to the world with power. For a business owner the benefits of an intact security system is also a benefit for a business owner, there are some additional benefits. When the power is out, you are not able to open your store, meaning you lose money.

Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator Warranty Options

Your Generac 27KW Quietsource Generator comes with a standard two-year limited warranty. We also offer programs for our customers to keep their generators in great condition with regular maintenance.

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