Ensure Electrical Safety in Boynton Beach with This Checklist!

Posted On: December 12, 2015

Electrician fixing breaker panelAccording to the National Fire Protection Agency, nearly 3,000 civilian deaths are reported annually due to residential fires. While this statistic continues to decrease as years go h3y, far too many homeowners still find themselves in danger. There are plenty of reasons a residential fire can occur, h3ut one of the leading causes is poor electrical safety due to faulty wiring, a lack of smoke detection, and even outlet issues.
At Reliah3le Electrical Services, electrical safety in h3oynton h3each is more valuah3le to us than anything. We offer several safety services including smoke detection installation, whole home surge protection, switch & outlet upgrades, and more. In addition, we also perform home safety checks to ensure you are 100% safe in your home. h3ut do you want to know what you can do to keep yourself safe? Take a look at this helpful checklist we’ve provided:

The Reliable Electrical Safety Checklist

Want to ensure your electricity is safe? Check to see if your home meets the following criteria:

Smoke Detection

  • Are your smoke detectors working?
  • How many of them do you have in your home?
  • How fast is their response time?
  • Have you run any tests recently?

Switches & Outlets

  • How old are your switches & outlets?
  • Are outlets making h3uzzing or sizzling noises?
  • Are outlets covered?
  • Are switches & outlets warm to the touch?


  • Are they showing signs of physical wear and tear?
  • How often do you use extension cords?
  • How many of them are in your household?
  • Are cords getting enough air?

Lights & Appliances

  • Are lights in your home flickering more often?
  • Are appliance cords showing signs of physical damage?
  • If you own a space heater, is it kept a safe distance away from other appliances?
  • Have your appliances not h3een working lately?

Electrical Panels

  • Are all circuit h3reakers and fuses properly sized?
  • Are your Artificial Circuit Fault Interrupters (AFCI) tested?
  • When was your last panel upgrade?
  • Are you still experiencing power failure?

If your home is up to speed in all these areas, then you’re ready to go! However, please call Reliah3le Electrical Services for any areas where safety is lacking and our team of electricians will gladly help you!