Electrical Repair in Delray Beach

Posted On: April 2, 2013

Reliable Electrical Services has provided customers in South Florida with a wide variety of electrical repair services for more than a decade. Our level of expertise is unmatched, so you will know your job will be performed correctly the first time.

Included in the electrical repair services we offer are:

Flickering Light Repair

If your lights flicker, it is likely either due to a drop in voltage across your wires and connections, a bad connection or a bad neutral connection. Your electrical system is not automatically at risk for a fire if you experience voltage drop, but the other two causes could mean a fire is imminent. Either that, or another type of problem will take place that can damage sensitive electronic equipment. The experts at Reliable Electrical Services can thoroughly check your system to find the cause of your flickering lights, fix it, and ensure your home’s safety.

Violations of Electrical Codes

Do-it-yourself electrical projects can cause several municipal code violations. You should not rely on just any technician to fix your electrical problems, and you should never try and perform this type of job by yourself. Municipal codes are in effect because violating them could result in a fire danger. At Reliable Electrical Services, we can inspect your system to make sure all components are working safely and are up to code.

Repair of Damaged Wires

Please call a professional if you have damaged wires. Although do-it-yourself wiring advice is all over the Internet, the consequences of making a mistake could potentially be deadly. Reliable Electrical Services technicians will provide you with an accurate and detailed estimate and perform expert work that cannot be beaten.

Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

If your fuses and breakers continually cause problems – especially if your home is older – then you need to think about having them fixed. A home’s electrical system is under a great deal of strain due to today’s advanced electronic devices and appliances. Sometimes, a system can simply be overwhelmed. This is definitely a job that should be left to an experienced technician.

Repairs to Broken Switches and Outlets

Broken or overloaded wiring, outlets or receptacles can pose a substantial risk. At Reliable Electrical Services we specialize in all types of residential electrical wiring systems so we can install, troubleshoot or repair any type of switch or outlet problem you may have.

At Reliable Electrical Services, our technicians will arrive on time and will perform all work to code with top grade material, assuring your family and home’s safety. Work is done efficiently and, upon completion, all jobs are followed by a thorough clean up, with complete respect given to your home. Our radio-dispatched trucks are stocked with a wide selection of repair items, tools, and emergency equipment enabling us to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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